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Hi New here Need support - Carers UK Forum

Hi New here Need support

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
hi i am new here i care for my two sons my oldesdt is 4 and has major bowel problems and eatin disorders. My youngest is 2 he has down syndrome is on a home venterlator part time and was 14 months old before he came home. We have nuses at noight for my youngest but otherwise no help eathier one can go very unwell at any time we nearlyu lost my youngest a few weeks ago from a cold and i am totally stressed. i have a fantastice husband but he needs to work i dont know where else to turn when they are well they are both a joy but when one is slightly ill it turns my world upside down.

Aled is goin in to hospital tomorow for a gastrostomy and to check his cadiac and resptory side he will be in for 2 weeks an hour away from home

HELP Please
hi Sian. Must be difficult for you with the two boys so young.Is Aled your elder son?Will you be able to be with him?

We have a brilliant Learning Disability Nurse, who got a load of support workers and professionals all geared up to do a couple of hours sitting last year, when it looked as though our son with Downs would need to have urgent surgery. She didn't think it would be good for me to have to sit with him 24/7. Have you contacted your Learning Disability team, or even the Downs Syndrome Association, for support with your other son, while the elder is in hospital?And do you have family locally, who would support you?You can't do it all, and there can't be a priority, both boys are equally in need.

Good luck, and let your husband give you a big hug when he comes home from work. Too many times, my husband and I hid our scared feelings from each other, but not any more. A caring other half is worth their weight in gold.
Sorry Aled is my youngest one who is going in ay edest is the one stayin behind
My mistake. I assumed because of the gastrostomy, it would be your elder son, because of his eating and bowel problems.
Hi Sian nice to meet you.Welcome to the forums Image
hello Sian and welcome.