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Newbbie Caring for Mum

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Hi I am a new member, I have never joined a carers group before, so this is all new to me. I have been a carer for 24year for my father who had MS until he died in 2007 and continue to be a carer for my mother. I have decided to join a group for support as I am incesensed, frustrated, spitiing feathers etc etc. I contact my mother case support worker( or what ever their title is now) as they give a telephone number to use if you require further aids or help, I wanted her to be assessed for her own wheel chair (she has been using Dads which must be 20years old and killing my back) only to discover she no longer had one!!!!! No letter to tell us. My husband and I have been managing all these years until Mums health got suddenly worse last year. We arranged an assessment and organised care for us to use when we need breaks. The first time we used it, the carers didn't turn up and we had to come home from seeing our two daughers at University in Canterbury. So we haven't trusted it to use it again, but thought it was there, as we will have to use it next year as no old enough children left at home to Granny sit!!!!,but no. From my conversation today I get the impression that they have no knowledge of her care plan that was set out or the financal review. Sorry but I just had to get this off my chest, has anyone else had these problems. She is being reassessed next week with a view to a personal care budget, but I don't know if she will qualify. I don't usually air my views like this but just so cross. Jill
we all know how you feel. i cant offer any advice sorry but a warm welcome to the forum. i am sure someone will be along soon to help Image
Hi Jillian and welcome Image