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New to the site - Carers UK Forum

New to the site

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
HiHi my names Cheryl. I'm a full time carer to my Dad. My Mum passed away to cancer on the 10th she was only 61. She cared for my Dad most of their married life. I used to help. When mum got ill about 20 months ago I cared for both. Don't half miss her. I have a daughter age 20 and a son age 3. Work part time evenings as a cleaner at the local NHS offices. Gave up my part time day job at Iceland to care full time for Dad. Spend all days here and sleep in the spare room with my son. Occasionly I manage to sleep at home when brothers can manage to stop. t's hard for us all speacialy after loosing my lovely mum, but we are a close family and we cope. Found this site so thought I would give it a go. Although I have friends and family, they don't understand how hard it is to be a full time carer. Nice to meet you all. Cheryl xx Image
Hi Cheryl,

First of all welcome to the forum which I hope you will find of benefit.
Also please accept our condolences on the loss of your mam.There are several here who like you have lost a loved one but still caring for someone else.

If you get time take a look at the following links....




If you have any questions just ask,usually someone around to help.

Look forward to reading more from you,

x x
Image Hello Cheryl, welcome as Rosemary says there are lots of members in here who can offer help. Even if its just hello. Like you I am a newbie
Gordon Image
Hadaway Gordon,you're no newbie now Image Image
Image Rosemary I am touched, My better half say's I have been for years ROFL.

Dont worry Gordon,her indoors is not always right but she is NEVER wrong Image Image
I like the sound of your partner,very wise woman Image