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Caring fo Adult daughter - planning for future! - Carers UK Forum

Caring fo Adult daughter - planning for future!

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I have posted before but not for a while! So you could consider me a newbie.
My daughter is 35 blind with autistic/learning difficulties. She is living at home with me.. However we are realising this is not probably the best for her looking ahead.and a move into community supported housing in the next few years needs to be planned.. Any practical advice would be gratefully appreciated. I am also suffering with depression as both my parents died suddenly last year so I could do with some emotional support.
Hi Pollyana

Dont know too much about assisted living but does your daughter go to a day-care facility? Would the Autistic Society have any booklets on planning for this or someone at the end of a helpline who could give advice.

I also look after an adult daughter with MS who lives with us - it is immensely challenging, physically and emotionally. You probably find yourself completely drained at the end of the week!

I am really sorry to hear about your parents it must have been a great shock. Am sure someone will reply soon who has more experience with assisted living and keep on posting here everyone is so helpful and friendly.

Hi Pollyanna, my son is now 38, lives in his own flat with carer support. He attends day services every weekday, carers Saturday and Sunday.
Start by asking Social Services to do an up to date Needs Assessment for your daughter, and a Carers Assessment for yourself. What services are available depend on where you live.
In recent years I have lost my parents in law, my own parents, my brother and my husband. My lovely sister in law is now in a secure home having had dementia.
It takes a long time to adjust to a life without them all. Sometimes day by day is easiest. When did you last have a holiday of any sort?
Hi PollyAnna,

Welcome back. I'm sorry to hear about your parents, I lost my Dad suddenly a few years ago. I had support from Cruse, which really helped. Have a look/ start your own thread in the condolences and Former carers sections.

Re your daughter, as she has a visual impairment, I would consider approaching Sense. They have experience in supporting people who have both sight and other complex needs. https://www.sense.org.uk/content/supported-living

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation has information on the various routes to securing assisted/ supported living for people with complex needs. http://www.challengingbehaviour.org.uk/ ... pport.html

As does Mencap https://www.mencap.org.uk/advice-and-support/housing

This is something I will be looking at in the future for S. He is 25 and has autism, related learning difficulties and health issues. I want him settled and happy, whilst I have enough fight left in me, to make this happen.

Others will be along who have adult children already in supported living.