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I took the advantage of early retirement and redundancy from my job about 4 years ago. I have been carer for my wife for about two years and I receive the carers allowance. Within the past two months I have found myself employment as I began to feel, quite frankly, that I was going round the bend mainly due to not meeting people. (Those that I know are busy with their working lives) I now work with two clients for about ten hours a week with a care company. This also gives me the opportunity to meet others.
As I am in receipt of the carers allowance for my wife and have this small income is there a need for me to inform the benefit agency or will they be aware of the change in my circumstances via HMRC as my tax details have recently changed.

The Government web site on CA provides some guidance here :

An extract :

Carer's Allowance: report changes

You must report changes in circumstances if you’re claiming or have applied for Carer’s Allowance, for example if:

you change, start or leave your job
you start earning more than £116 a week
you stop being a carer
you take a holiday or go into hospital - even if you arrange care while you’re away
the person you care for goes into hospital or takes a holiday

You can’t use this service to report the death of someone you’re caring for. You should use the Tell Us Once service instead.
I'd also add that the earnings limit for claiming Carers Allowance is increasing to £120 per week from April this year.
Thanks for your comments and advice. I have spoken with the benefit team and it has been sorted. ;)