carers should get a concession when enrolling on to courses.

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Hi My name is Jim Image

I wonder if any one else thinks that carers should get a concession when enrolling on to courses. Image

I think that carers would find courses very beneficial a) they could learn new skills like computer use (this would help them get more out of the forum and b) enrol on courses that they might just like to do as an interest or hobby.

I have attended several courses and have found that the ( Image "me time") most helpful and beneficial to both me and my wife. However I do find the cost of theses courses can be prohibitive.

I know that this is not one of the most pressing problems facing carers at this time but I think it is worth looking in to.

Well that's my 1st post I hope I havent come over as a "Ranter" [/color][/quote]
Best wishe to all Jim
Hello Jim, welcome to the forum Image
Hello Jim and welcome Image
And yes, I agree with you!
I agree too, at one time you did get a concession cos I did a free book-keeping course but not anymore

Welcome to the forum
Hello and welcome Image
Hello and welcome Image
Hiya - totally agree with you! It is so frustrating isnt it? Especially as people on such benefits as job seekers allowance which pays more than carers allowance are given free courses. I am told by my local college that it is because carers allowance is not means tested! I get so furious as I would love to go back to using my brain and have a bit of 'me ' time for a few hours a week. Once more carers are ignored.. Image !!