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Hi, newbie here! - Carers UK Forum

Hi, newbie here!

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Just a quick note to say hi to you all! I've recently became a carer to my Mum who was diagnosed with Parkinsons 5 years but is now unable to look after herself without help.
I'm not working now & have had a few jobs in my time, one of the being a carer for 8 years looking after the elderly & psyciatric patients.
I hope to meet/catch some of you on here for a friendly chat & to help those who I can :)
Speak soon, bbfn
Hi Wayne's and welcome,

I hope you enjoy the forum.

I care for S who has autism and I work with children who have special needs.

Beware, caring for a relative/ friend is harder than doing the job as a paid care worker - longer hours, no holidays/ leave, the fact that you are emotionally involved...

welcome Wayne, I agree with Melly it is totally different being 24/7 carer, I worked as senior care nurse for the elderly with differing degrees of dementia so know from work experience it is not easy but emotionally it is draining. we are here to support each other so don't be afraid to rant,ask questions or tell us any news good or bad, read the threads too as they are a great resource of experience
Hi Wayne

Welcome. Everyone here is great - glad you could join us :D

I am Steph - mum to a teenage boy with First Episode Psychosis. I find the site really useful for just having a vent when I'm really stressed (sorry everyone), as the members understand how it is to feel frustrated/angry/sad/exhausted (delete as appropriate) etc.

Nothing like a bit of a moan sometimes to offload! It is therapy for carers :lol:

Hope you find this site a useful as we do xx
Hi Wayne, welcome to the forum. Make sure you have a regular day off to do your own thing. Carers need to have a life outside so that when caring ends, they have something to go back to.
Hello and welcome to our world.
Hello Wayne & welcome to the forum.

I can only echo what the previous members have said.

Pre-retirement I was an area manager with lots of staff, budgets, targets etc & compared to 24/7 caring it was a doddle.

Make good use of the forum.
Wayne, hi - this is indeed a most supportive and helpful forum, with a lot of 'experience and expertise' amongst both members and 'officials' of Carers UK.

What are the living arrangements for your mum? Is she living with you/you with her, or is she still in separate accommodation? The difference can be vital! The former is much, much, MUCH more emotionally and practically demanding of you.

Pacing yourself is key - what we can do for 'short bursts' of time is NOT what can be sustained for months and years.

Carer burn out is, alas, a very common occurrence amongst members here.

As others are saying, it's essential to keep some regular me-time for yourself, and that will mean your mum has third party care at times. Ensure that happens right from the off, and start as you mean to go on, and that way she will accept it more.

Although 'family caring' is not at all the same as 'professional caring' from your point of view, you STILL need not just 'time off' but also actual holidays as well - again, you will still need third party care for those for your mum.

Wishing you all the best, and hope you can work out a good balance between looking after your mum and valuing the precious time you still have with her, and having 'time off' for your own life.

Kind regards, Jenny