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carers pay

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Lesley_15012 wrote:In reply to :- Q: Is there any point claiming CA when I'm already on ESA?

I am a carer for my disabled son but I also claim esa for myself as I have rheumatoid arthritis. As far as I'm aware, you cannot claim ca if you are claiming esa for yourself.
Esa stops when you are 65 (?) and then it all changes.
If anyone knows any different please let me know.

Thanks lesley
ESA ends as soon as you reach State Pension Age which may not necessarily be at 65.

You can always apply for CA even if it's rejected.

The following links should help you.

https://www.gov.uk/employment-support-a ... e/overview

Thanks but I'm only 45 so don't think I can claim it.
Lesley_15012 wrote:Thanks but I'm only 45 so don't think I can claim it.

basically you have to be over 16 and caring for 35 hours a week to claim Carers Allowance. However Carers Allowance stops at state pension age as the state pension and CA are considered to be overlapping benefits (you can't have both !). But even over pensionable age it's worth applying for as, although you don't get any money, it is a 'gateway' benefit and can open the door to other benefits that you maybe eligible for.

Regarding claiming ESA and/or CA - I'm not qualified to answer, but I'm sure someone on the Advice Line team will have the answer. So send them an email (see link above for contact details) and they'll get back to you asap.
I find that the pay I get Care Allowance goes back to my wife. I don't mind that in a way. As they took it from her in the first place in the 1980's. It's just that I would like a member of the government ( don't give a dam about the party), just too say thank you for saving the country money. Or the local county. I been insulted at times by personal comments made about me, my caree and fellow carers. We do a hard and difficult job. For example how would someone get a one-on-one personal care for £61.00. Yet we have to, I have been a fulltime carer for about 30 years, but I started as a carer and full time worker 35 years ago. So for 5 years I did not get paid as a carer. My wife has MS she has had it 41 years. The main thing I'm on about is the carer is underpaid and under thought of as a person. We should be paid a lot more because they work a lot harder 24/7, 52 weeks of the year no respite.
Bernard sorry for the moan.
I agree, particularly about the attitude of the "officials". Often at meetings I have been the most qualified person in the room, yet my opinion, experience and qualifications are totally ignored because I am "the parent". I prefer to be addressed by my shortened Christian name, only four letters. Yet they can't even manage to do this, or even spell it, properly! Most of all, they seem to ignore the fact that if we didn't have disabled people, they would be out of a job. We do a difficult job to the best of our ability, and at least deserve respect. Worst of all, they disappear for annual leave when many of us don't get any. One care manager, long ago, returned from the Caribbean beautifully tanned, after a 3 week holiday, then told me I wouldn't even get one day a year as respite for my hyperactive son with SLD as her department couldn't afford it!
I gave up a £25k plus a year job in 2003 after my Dad survived a brain bleed that left him severely disabled, this was decided after a lengthy discussion between my Husband and myself who both realised that without my help Mum wouldn't cope and Dad would have to go into a care home... none of us wanted this.... my Dad passed away in July 2013 and in 2007 my Mum was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia so now I am left looking after her. I would dearly love to say I am gushing with praise for all of my lovely friends who tell me they are really enjoying spending the extra cash they have now that their mortgages are paid off, incidentally I don't see half as much of them as I used to 12 years ago, can't imagine why!!!! We had to extend the years on our mortgage so that we could reduce the payment in able for us to mange financially. All of this is academic because neither of us would change the way we've handled things my parents always come first but by God the pittance I get in carers allowance simply runs the car that for 90% of the time is used for Mums needs. I also feel for a lady and her husband who I have made friends with who are in a very similar situation to us but are 10 years older. They do exactly the same as we do but cannot claim carers allowance because they are both pensioners. Where Oh where is the logic when we can clearly see young ladies walking past our houses taking their children to school and boast about how they will never find a job that pays as well as their single parent benefits.... NO WONDER CARERS BLOOD BOILS !!!! Rant Over now I will go back to doing what I do best and make sure my Mum is safe and well !!!!! xxxxx
The single parent benefits are designed to ensure that no child is brought up below the breadline. Some of those Mums are in for a huge shock at age 35 or 40 when they find that the State will no longer support them, and the only work available is minimum wage.
My stepdaughter had an unplanned child at 20 and after a couple of years helping us out and doing a p/t Open Uni course, opted for a nursing degree, with a student bursary and some help from her grandpa to pay her rent. She is now earning good money, emigrated to NZ a few years ago and has a lovely partner with two children from a previous relationship.
So, the point is that living on State benefits is actually not that good compared to earning a real wage in a proper career.