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Carers element

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Hi just joined and was wondering if anyone can help. I m 24 and gave up work a year and half ago to look after my Mother who has severe mental health problems. She requires day and night care. I made an application for carers allowance and universal credit. I get about £130 a month universal credit and £66 a week carers allowance. Somebody told me about carers element in universal credit.
I'm not sure what this is . Is this added to universal credit or is it a top up. I cant seem to find anyone who knows. Thanks in advance
Universal Credit ... how made up ?

https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/e ... troduction

Not exactly straightforward but ... nothing about UC is !

An online benefits calculator ... should show the " Carers element " within UC :


Feel free to bounce anything else off us here on the forum.
Thanks Chris!

Will have a look at the links you mentioned
Your welcome.
If mum has severe mental impairment she should be exempt from council tax. Did you know? Can be backdated too!
Bowlingbun no I didn't know that. Thanks for the information.
You are all very kind. Thankyou!
And depending on her age (over 65 I think) she might well be eligible for Attendance Allowance or Disability Allowance if younger. Your local Carers Resource should be able to advise you.

Good luck.
Joan x
Tell us a bit more about mum. I'm really concerned for you.At your age you should be having fun and dating, holidays etc. These years can never be relived later!
Joan yes she gets pip. Thanks so much!
Bowlingbun My Mum has always looked after me and is a great Mum she had me very young bless her, it's just been me and her. She has Bipolar disorder and gets in catatonic like states too. So she has high care needs. Her own mothers not very supportive so I didn't want her to be left at her mercy. I love her lots so it's not a burden. Her sister helps sometimes if I need to get things done.