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I'm new and confused - Carers UK Forum

I'm new and confused

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Hello my name is Carmen. I have been a career for over a year and don't understand how the system works. I moved to the U.K. five years ago from America and have never had any professional advice how this all works. I married my partner last year and have been her career 24/7. My wife is an agoraphobic and very very rarely leaves the house. My wife receives DLA and ESA. I receive career's allowance of £60 something a week. We did notify DLA and ESA when we started living together but never notified them when we got married. Does being married affect our benefits? I don't receive ESA because they said I receive tax credits which I don't even know what that means and how does tax credits help me. We just barely make it with what we receive and I would like to know if we are entitled to any other benefits.
Any information would be greatly appreciated. I'm also pleased to have joined this forum because I don't know how any of this stuff works and would welcome any information. Thank you.
Hi Carmen,

Welcome to the forum.

Have a look at the Upfront guide to caring https://www.carersuk.org/upfront/ it will help you check what financial support you would be entitled to. If it doesn't help then it will also give you info about how to contact the helpline.

Thank you Melly1, I will make sure to check out that website. I appreciate your help.
Hi Carmen and welcome,
Yes You should let the DWP know that you are married. Not sure what difference it would make but they still need to know.
Thank you Melly1 and Henrietta for your responses.
I have contacted the Carers Association in my area and have an appointment next week to speak to someone one on one.