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Carers card is there such a thing? - Carers UK Forum

Carers card is there such a thing?

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I have just had an awful experience with my autistic Son while trying to join a newly opened local leisure centre gym. I was told as I done have a carers card I can't prove I care for my Son. I don't get carers allowance I get PIP and showed them this award letter a previous letter from the DLA department and a Copy of his statement. I am fuming, how are these letters not proof? X
The best way of dealing with this is to go to the Centre Manager and ask if he is aware of the Equality Act, which requires him to make "reasonable adjustments" for disabled people. Might be easier by phone. As your son is autistic, he needs someone with him. Paid support workers have official ID cards, but of course, we family carers do not.
If you don't get anywhere with the centre manager, then go to the Local Authority who owns the centre, and ask to speak to the person who is responsible for ensuring they comply with the Equality Act. I had a problem last week, had to follow this procedure myself, all sorted without any fuss whatsoever.

I like to try to deal with things in a friendly manner, but with a level of assertiveness which shows it's best not to mess me around!!! I also like to think that I might be making it easier for those other people with learning difficulties who can enjoy things as a result of my efforts.

Have you heard of the Companion Bus Pass? My son has one, it means that the person who travels with him goes free. It's useful to show M has very special needs. After all, that's the important thing, it doesn't matter who is supporting him as far as the rec. centre or bus company are concerned. It does matter that someone is supporting him.
Thank you for your help I will look into this tomorrow x
This is the only card I've come across:
Hello Michaela -
I have a card issued to me by my local council - I carry it my wallet so that if anything happens to me while I am out they can activate a plan to look after my caree. It has the council crest, their phone number, my unique ID number and the words 'I am a carer. If anything happens to me please call this number'. We have visiting carers who would step up their visits if I was not there.

Maybe your council can do that for you - via a social worker probably.

Also my local carers' centre issued me a carer's card - it gets me some discounts at various shops and gyms etc. I had to prove that I am a carer to get it, so it is a good proof for anyone else.

cheers R