carers break

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could anybody help ,how do I go on for getting a break for a week ,husband is in wheelchair and needs full time care,he also drinks a lot which does not help ,would I be entitled to get a carer living in for a week I am at my wits end been caring for 17 years
Hi Lynn

do you want to go away on your own or with hubby ? If with hubby there are a number of places that are 'disabled' friendly and set up so's that carer and caree can be on holiday together, but with facilities for the caree to be looked after whilst the carer can go out on their own. If you googled "disabled holidays" you should get quite a few hits.

If you just want to go away on your own (and your OH is willing) then I think you'll need to look into your hubby going into temporary respite care. This is sometimes arranged by your local social services.

Having a full time 'live-in' carer is an expensive choice - upwards of £100 a day minimum and would mean having a stranger in your home for that time - not a choice that many people go with - and highly unlikely to be paid for by Social Services !

If finances are a problem then I'd suggest having a look here ... gJhGvD_BwE
for any grants that may be available.
Hi Lynn
Have you tried getting your Carers Assessment updated, and hubbys needs assessment updated too?
You may need to be persistent and assertive and be clear what you are asking for. If you don't ask you'll never know, and the meek and mild get nowt these days
Good luck, you deserve a break