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Carers and pension credit

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Hi I have just received my carers allowance, after giving up 2 of my 3 jobs to care for my 87 year old mum, but now they have taken £51 of her guaranteed pension credit.what was the point of me applying for it when my mum could of just given it to me. It's unbelievable. Does anyone know if this is correct. Regards gill
Yes that is how its done.
Carers allowance is classed as an income replacement benefit so the same amount is taken off any guarantee pension credit.
The plus side is that having Carers allowance does entitle you to other help, although I personally have never found out what these other benefits are.
Thank you very much for your reply, if I do find out what the benefits are I will be sure to post them. Many thanks gill
Gillian - go to CAB or contact carers UK ( by phone or email) to find out what benefits you are eligible for. Hope these links are helpful.

Gillian this is a link I think someone put on here and I found useful
hope it helps http://www.entitledto.co.uk/ Image
The main benefit to me of having CA is that it covers my National Insurance contribution for a pension in my own right. The money from hubby`s PC and my CA all goes in the same bank account to pay the bills and household expenses so we don`t really notice the difference.

My late sister in law just paid her son out of her money and it caused him endless problems when she died as he had cared for her for eight years and wasn`t on any "system". He almost lost the right to stay in the council house as a result.xx