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another newbie

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
:( hi my name is Michele and I have been a sole carer for my grownup daughter, who became very ill over seven years ago with behcets syndrome, me/cfs and then developed fibroymyalgia with multiple chemical sensitivities. it has been very hard this past seven years to watch her suffer with this and miss out on normal things. I feel that I have not had adequate family support and understanding on this, my marriage has suffered as a result and feeling increasingly low and resentful. have struggled over time to help my daughter get the right benefits, as she cannot manage to do this herself and work part time, which I like, but also to pay the bills as we are on our own now. recently had carers support counselling o ffered free in this area, which helped me sort out my feelings and problems but has left me feeling sad and dis-spirited. have joined "carers uk" as I realise that I need more help and support from other people.
Welcome, Michelle! You've come to the right place. Lots of lovely people here and someone who understands your situation will be along very soon. In the meantime, join in anywhere you like.
I'm a former carer, having lost my dad last summer.
Hi there Michele (my name too....don't see many spelt with one L nowadays!). Warm welcome from me too. You and of course your daughter really do seem to have had so much to go through. Glad that you have found us - please join in wherever and whenever. Lots of support available here.

Bell x
Hello Michele and welcome to the forum :)

Take time to have a wander round the various boards and topics and join in where you like or start a new topic of your own.

Have you had a benefits check recently to ensure that you are getting all the financial support that you and your daughter are entitled to ? The Carers UK Adviceline is very good (contact details are the main website home page.

It also sounds as though you could with a Carers Assessment for yourself and a Needs Assessment for your daughter to highlight areas where you need additional support !
Welcome Michele, your situation is all too familiar. Sometimes just writing it all down helps a little. That feeling of 'despair' doesn't half get to you.

I have been feeling a little 'that way out' myself, and I have contacted my carer support group here in the south-west. They are understaffed and overworked and sometimes the support isn't always immediate, but I know it will be there. Try contacting them it just might put you back on track.

Keep posting. Treez xx
Hi and a warm welcome to the forum.
Hi Michele,

Welcome. The forum is a great place for support. Even though our situations differ, many of our problems are the same.