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Hello all, my name is John.
I am currently helping to care for my father who has dementia. My mother can no longer do all she would like to do, and both my sister and myself work full time. Together with the help of carers coming Monday to Friday for 45mins we are managing to cope. Trying to get recognition for what we do is almost impossible. Many people do not realise just how difficult it can be.
Does anybody know of a national carers card which proves that you do actually provide care at home?
Hi John, Welcome to the forum.

I'm not sure about a national carers card. I have a card that I'm supposed to carry. If I have an accident it has a number to ring and sets up a 48 hour emergency service for my caree. I can't remember how I got it but I think it may have come from my carers assessment. It would be activated from anywhere.

Need less to say, I don't carry it. My caree is able to use a phone and has a neighbour who looks in. He is also mobile within the house.

Hope this is of use.
Thanks Shazlette. I am going to arrange a carers assessment when I get chance. The only reason I asked is that I have been refused flexible working to look after my dad at weekends, when somebody else has been accepted just by showing a carers card - won't give me any details about the card though. I am registered with my dad's GP practice, though I have nothing to prove this.
Hello John and welcome to the forum :)

Regrettably there is no such thing as a national Carers card. As Shaz mentioned some local authorities do issue a card for use in emergencies - say if you were taken ill whilst out and about, as it would alert the emergency services that there was someone at home who needed care.

I presume your Mum is your Dad's primary Carer ? In which case she should make sure that she is recorded as such with her and your Dad's GP. She should also make sure that one of you (or all of you) have Power of Attorney as this will make dealing with the bank and 'officialdom' much easier.
Hi John, here's the kind of local scheme that Susie mentioned:
Mum is his primary carer, but at 80 herself and after heart surgery my sister and I are having to do more and more. Will look into the emergency card though.
My sister has power over his finances only.
I suspect this kind of situation is increasingly common, John. My own parents are 94 and 90, and support each other with (less) family and (more) paid care-worker help. Luckily they can afford it.
Thankyou to all for the good advice.
Dad is in hospital at moment, due for discharge either today or tomorrow. Have had to book emergency holiday to help him adjust back to his routine.
Did dad come home? Was a full Continuing Care assessment done properly? If you don't know the answer to this, then the answer to the question is No!
He's still in and they are looking at tomorrow afternoon or Friday morning now. They are happy with his present care arrangements and the level of support which he has in place.
Unfortunately the professionals only see the person at their lowest.