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Carer has cancer.. Help! - Carers UK Forum

Carer has cancer.. Help!

Tell us a bit about yourself here.

I'm new to the forum so go easy on me - and please point me towards any threads that might help me Image

My mum cares for my dad who has complex needs - he hasn Althimerz, AS ( a back condition), osteoporus and dimentia. (can't spell sorry!)

My has just be diagnosed with stage 2 cancer - and is going to need massive surgery - it has come as a huge shock. Anyway, she will need at least 1 month - to undergo treatement - and recover enough to be able to lift dad.

At the moment she is looking at a local care home, she is worried she will have to pay for the care home bill - as she is generally self funded - for any care they get.. I'm basically trying to find out if there is any funding she can access (as it is not her choice not to care for dad)..

She currently gets a carers allowence and dad gets disabled living (he's only 67)

So if anyone has any advice I'll be really greatful Image
Hello tigs ly and welcome to the forum.

I've moved your post to the new members section where more people will see it and be able to respond and welcome you.

In the meantime, however, I'd suggest that you contact the Carers UK Adviceline - click on the following link for contact details:


If you can't get through on the telephone then email or leave a voicemail messge and they will get back to you as soon as possible
Have you thought of contacting the cancer charities for advice and support? Your Mum is unlikely to be well enough four weeks after any surgery to be a fulltime Carer again.(Major surgery may mean she can lift nothing for at least six weeks).Will she need chemo or radiotherapy, both of which will drain her strength?
Do you have any brothers and sisters and will you be able to help out?Your Mum is going to need to be cared for too for the forseeable future.
It is very hard.This is one of the things that we as Carers worry about most, what happens to our caree if we become ill?

I am sure someone else will be along later,and perhaps be able to offer you more suggestions than me.
Good luck,and I hope all goes well for your mother with her surgery and recovery.
Mum lives in Devon and I live in London - I have 2 children under 5.. and work part time, There is no way I can help - other than being at the end of a phone..

My sister has 4 children and lives further away than I do.

She really is on her own .. caring of dad was hard enough without this Image

I will look in to both your suggestions Thankyou
I know the feeling.
When my Mum was terminally ill,I was already a Carer,two of my three young children and my husband,as well as working fulltime night duty as a nurse.
My parents lived about ten miles away, my Dad did not drive and my Mum's chemo and radiotherapy was done 80 miles away from them,so not far off a 200 mile round trip.
It is very difficult to try and juggle everything.I really feel for your family.
I hope the Cancer charity can help, as much with advice about your Mum's needs as anything else.
McMillan cancer care have their own citizens advice bureau and they are absolutely brilliant. They will be able to guide you through the extra benefits and care which can be provided whilst your mum is having her treatments.

After my mum died and my husband was diagnosed with cancer I went to Edinburgh with my husband for his five operations and Dad went into our cottage hospital for "assessment". This took six weeks. The next time we had to go away Dad went into residential care under the respite rule so the first two weeks were fully funded and thereafter assessed that he had to pay a contribution. This was overturned on appeal to the LA as he had no choice but to go into care because I could no longer look after him. There was a part of the carers act which covered this back in 2006, but if it is still in force might help you now.

Oh....by the way, welcome to the forum.xx