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Can't cope much longer. - Carers UK Forum

Can't cope much longer.

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I feel I have enough is that bad. I have only being caring for a year now looking after my husband who had a severe stoke. I constantly keep getting panic attacks have now energy in me cannot be bothered to do anything is this all normal? I get anxious when I go out of the house even though I know someone is with him. Why am I feeling like this?
Caring affects us all differently, but nothing you say surprises me so dont feel 'abnormal'. We all cope somehow, though often by the skin of our teeth. We put on brave faces. That works for a while. I dont have any answers as such, but I can well understand how you feel. And plenty of others here will also be able to relate to what you are going through and offer some gentle words of support and encouragement. have you asked for any help, like a Carer's Assessment ? Do you have any support / friends ?

Good to hear from you. Its not good suffering in silence. Glad you shared things here. Glad you introduced yourself. And I wish you well. Take care.

All good wishes,

Jacs it's totally normal.
5 years on and I'm still not adjusted to the situation after hubby's stroke.
Most of the time I want to run away and not come back. I haven't even got dressed today, we've been in bed most of the time, can't be bothered.
BUT, it will pass, been here before and it passed so hanging on by the skin of my teeth.
Doc keeps saying it's depression but I am not depressed, just live without hope and with despair.
Take care
I think a lot of carers will identify with what you are feeling. You've had a big life changing event. The life you had and the life you had planned has changed dramatically. It takes time to adjust.

Have you spoken to your Dr about how you feel?

Keep posting it helps to talk about how you feel and to know that other understand
Hi jacs and welcome.
A year isn't long to adjust to something that radically changes your life, so feeling as you do isn't surprising. Some days things will seem better, some they will seem worse and we'll be here to support you, if you let us.
Hi Jacs and welcome.A Stroke affects not just the patient,but their loved ones as well.Everyone reacts differently.I suggest you see your GP and see about counselling.This is not an admission of defeat,it is facing up to a need that you have.I had counselling some years ago,and it saved me.I would not be here today if i hadn`t sought help.I felt embarrassed at first,but after a few sessions was able to approach life in a more positive way,and would recommend it to anyone.Best wishes. Image
Hi Jacs, welcome. I think what you are experiencing is perfectly normal. I've been caring for my husband for over four years after he suffered a brain injury following a brain injury. I must admit the first couple of years were the worst for anxiety but even now I suffer from this. It is very much been thrown in at the deep end and learning on the run, oh to have been provided with a manual (Lol)! I found the strain of keeping a smile on my face was so hard. The best thing that happened to me is I found our local Headway Group and started to go to family member sessions. The support I got and the knowledge the other carers passed on to me was amazing. I have made some life long friends there. Is there any group you could go to? Stroke groups/Headway/Carers UK etc it's just such a relief to talk to others who really understand and don't mind you having a good old blub. It's also worth having a chat to your GP who might be able to offer you some help but I found just telling my GP what things were really like helped me. You'll have good times and bad, just lately I feel like a skittle that keeps getting knocked down but I keep on getting up. I wish you well and you're doing the right thing joining forums like this.