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carer for over 40 years and so tired/isolated - Carers UK Forum

carer for over 40 years and so tired/isolated

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Hi, my name is June, I love and care for my sister very much, but feel tired and suicidal now after 40 odd years. I had someone from social services come and give me a carers assessment today. I really hope that they can help us, we have no one else. I registered with this site ages ago but she advised me to make my first post as she recommends this forum.I teach computer skills when I can ,am a qulified IT technician have worked in animal rescue ,love history, genealogy and cooking, God it sounds like Im joining a dating agency!!!!
Hello June.

Welcome to the site, this place is a godsend , lots of friendly people around .

Hi June,
A big welcome to the forum. Glad you have decided to post and hope that with the assessment as well, life will take a turn for the better for you. There are lots of wonderful people on this forum who have certainly helped me on many an occasion over the recent years and I know they will be there for you too. Have a look around the site, there are several sections to browse through and many have a "chat" each day on Roll Call in the Carer to Carer section. Its a good place to visit, particularly when life is feeling very difficult as you mentioned in your post.

Welcome again.

Bell x
Hello, June.

I am so pleased you did make that first posting. But I am sorry to hear you are so worn out and in such low spirits. I hope your carers assessment will be of help. But being here will be of help. Of that I am certain. Its all too easy to feel totally exhausted and overwhelmed when loved ones rely upon us. The sheer responsibility is a heavy load, and we can only do our best.

Plenty of support here. Folk here really do understand the stresses and strains of being a carer. Always a sympathetic ear and always some kind and gentle advice. Sounds like you need that right now, June.

Welcome. Its good to hear from you. Take care Image

Hello and welcome from me
Hi June and welcome Image
You sound like you'll fit in as if you've always been here Image Image
Welcome Image
Hi and welcome to the Forum.Hope you find it useful and fun.I use the Forum a lot,to grab a few minutes with a world outside my own,to have a laugh,seek advice,or just chill.Post whenever/wherever you like,we are all friendly,caring and ever so slightly bonkers,read some of the posts and you`ll see what i mean. Image Image Image Image Image
Hi June,