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Anyone in there 20's on here? - Carers UK Forum

Anyone in there 20's on here?

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
I am 26 and have been left disabled since having a bone tumour removed from my leg in 2009, my husband is 22 and is my full time carer we also have a young child.
We are finding everyday a struggle, I have to take two types of Morphine daily to control my pain and this makes me sleeply so my husband has to be by my side 24/7 (I can't even get out off my chair without help!).
We are finding life hard and was just wondering if there is anyone else on here in there 20's? it would be nice to beable to talk to someone in our age range who understands what we are going through.
I am in my 20's. Nearly 25 and i look after my mum who is disabled plus a hole load of other problems. Hope you find the forum helpful and friendly as i do Image
Hiya Holly, As this is your first post I've moved it over to new members. Welcome to the forum. Image
Welcome to the forum Image

Sorry Holly but I'm an old f*rt of 65 (at least that's what my birth certificate tells me Image )

We have lots of members in their 20's and I expect they'll be along soon to welcome you to the forum; caring 24/7 is never easy no matter what age we are, but you'll find some good friends here who will understand what you're going through.
Thanks to everyone who have replied to my post so far I didn't to get replies so quickly! It's nice to know that there are other people in the same boat as me as most days I feel so alone and guilty that my husband has to care for me 24/7 and never gets to take a break Image
It is hard
many carers dont get a break and when they do they feel gulity and so do there carers from stopping them having a break but i am sure you will find the support on here very very good Image
Hello Holly.

Welcome to the site.

Im not in my 20s any more but thought id say hi anyway. Hope you find it friendly and usefull here. x
Sorry I am somewhat over the hill, but also wanted to just say hello Image

I'm 27, if it helps.

I've been caring for my husband, who is an amputee in his 40's for the past 8 years (or it will be in the next few days), my mum for 18 years (I was 9 when I started... seems strange seeing it written like that) and I've been the on/off carer for 3 other people.

This is on top of my other health conditions. I'm asthmatic, we are both hearing impaired and I have leg trouble due to my knees not meeting correctly in the knee cap (hope that makes sense) and a bad back from picking my husband up alone after a bad fall.

As far as people understanding what you are going through, I've found the carer's on here to be very understanding of one another - which is great when you just need a vent or a shoulder to cry on or even advice Image

Welcome to the forum Image
Hi , sorry I'm not in my 20s Holly, wish I was Image but welcome to the forum, hope this site helps you.
Take care
Minnie Image