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Care home extras

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Just an update. I have just been informed that the home care fees are going by £200 a month :o :o :o :o
That's appalling! Outrageous in fact. However, I'll take a punt that the reason is the your local authority has pulled its funding - as in, won't pay as much for its funded residents as it used to, so the 'shortfall' has to be made up by, guess who, yes, the self-funders! It's very, very 'normal' for the LA to pay not much more than half or so of the fees that the self-funders pay.

I would, if I were you, think in two ways. First, is there another care home that would be as good and no more expensive than the current one? Conversely, if the current one takes LA funded residents, and your parent is likely to, sadly, burn through their own funds and 'end up' being LA funded, then you might think, well, the whole lot is going to go anyway, so it won't make any difference in the end, we'll just have to rely on LA funding earlier than we thought....

Grimly, if my poor MIL lasts more than another year or two, she will be LA funded - she'll be completely broke and have spent the value of her flat and savings on dementia care. The home she's in now does accept LA funded residents (her previous one didn't), so they have told me that when she can no longer self-pay she will 'automatically' stay on but LA funded - and because she is already 'living there' the LA should NOT be able to move her to another home (I hope!)

It's a grim business all round, no doubt of that. :(
Who is paying for the care at the moment though, mum, or the LA? If the LA are paying at the moment, then the LA is responsible for meeting any increase, NOT MUM OR YOU.
Sorry to say this is going to be common...whether we like it or not, the private sector is struggling to make ends meet (just like our government is!!!) and companies in the care sector are closing down.... Whether that be community care agencies or nursing or care home providers. Staff costs are rising. And they struggle to even recruit staff.
Not a political statement simply a statement of fact.
My dad is paying for his own care.The reason given for the increase is because of the living wage. It did cross my mind to move my dad, but he is settled there and the staff are great. All these financial changes have only been put in place since the new owner bought the home. I have only just set up a standing order with the bank, under duress I might add as there would be admin fee of 5% ( £100 a month) if I paid by cheque , so I will now have to sort that out. The staff are now rushed off there feet as the number of carer ratio has gone from 4 to 3 ( with 1 senior). I'm concerned that the fees will go up again in April too. I understand that fees do go up, but it seems to me that the owner is being a little unfair and dare I say it greedy ?? Thank you all for your feedback and for listening to my rant ... I feel a lot better now. lol x
Danced - that's it in a nutshell. Not good. :(

The grim bottom line is that looking after the elderly is VERY expensive.....which is why the government wants family to do it for nothing more than a Carer's Allowance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(It would be interesting to know what would happen to care home occupancy if local authorites 'topped up' carer's allowance by less than they pay for residential care, but 'enough' to make family think OK, I can do this with more money coming in so I won't put Mum/Dad in a care home after all?????) (That said, alas, I would not have taken on MIL for a million pounds a year - not because I'm not fond of her, but because it 'used up my life', and that's the sad, bad truth of it all all. It's 'their life or ours' - an awful choice either way)
I have had exactly the same experience. On Friday, the care home sent out minutes of a residents/family meeting which announced their new policy. We were ordered to rearrange hospital appointments that were inconvenient to a family member, or pay £18/hr for a minimum of 4 hours for a member of staff to take the resident. This is a new policy has been introduced without a new contract being issued. By Monday morning I had my mother booked to move to a new care home.
A zombie thread ?
I have just had a text message from mums care home stating from August any appointments for residents will now be charged by the hour for a carer to accompany them.
Mum is self funding £3000+ every 4 weeks and I do take her BUT in the past when she has fallen, been ill, they contact me to go in the ambulance with her and I’ve done this many times even in the middle of the night. Surely in emergencies they can’t charge you for a carer!
At £3000+ fees you’d have hoped not! If you usually accompany your Mum though, it shouldn’t affect her?
I’d seek advice though- maybe Age Uk or Carers Uk helplines?