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Hi all
I have just been to visit my dad in the care home today and I have been informed that there is a new policy in place regarding taking residents to hospital / doctors appointments . Residents will now have to pay for transport ( that has always been the case) and also pay £10 an hour for a carer . I just wondered if anyone else come across this . The home has just been sold to a new buyer . I take my dad to all this appointments and up to now thankfully are not that often . X
Have the new owners sent everyone a contract to sign? I believe this is a Care Quality Commission Requirement.
It certainly wasn't the case when my Mum was in a Care Home but that was 4 years ago now - latest reports indicate that many Care Homes are struggling financially(some even being forced to close down)- mainly because of LA funded residents and it would appear that privately funded residents are "enjoying" an increase in fees to make up the shortfall :shock:
Thank you for your replies. No I haven't been given a new contract as yet . The staff didn't even know the home had new owners until a few weeks ago. I hope the owner doesn't put the fees up !!! My dad is settled there x
Elyse, is dad "self funding" ie paying his fees himself, or are his fees funded by the local authority?
My dad is self funding x
That was normal procedure where my OH was. Didn't effect us personally as he was only ever ambulanced to hospital and was already funded for 24/7 one to one.

Sorry to bring gloom and doom it is just that this doesn't surprise me. And yep, the private sector is struggling financially and the Living Wage has certainly impacted on the costs.
I dunno what the answer is but I am not optimistic for the future of care.

We best stay well ourselves ;)
Hi Elyse,

This a first for me, i never knew that people in care homes couldn't get free patient transport to hospital appointments. I would try contacting the hospital and see if they can arrange the transport for you and make them aware of all his needs, Also state that you need to travel as his escort and i'm sure they should be able to help. I always attend my aunt's appointments too, never needed to pay any fee towards her transport.
I would have thought that if you was attending then the need to have an extra carer wouldn't really be needed, patient transport are trained to handle most situations and would be able to offer you assistance if you needed it for the journey. It makes no sense at all to charge people for pick up's from care homes yet be free to anybody that is still at home and unable to travel to appointments and have medical conditions that make traveling by car very difficult or dangerous to himself or you.

I hope you can find a less costly solution as i don't think it's fair to charge care home residents when they have other things to pay for too.
Unfortunately Shaun it's not the NHS that is making the charge but the Care Home :(

I suspect because if it's necessary for a resident to be accompanied then it's taking them away from their work in the Care Home - I also suspect that £10 an hour is NOT want the Care Assistant is earning either so the Home is making a profit from someone else's misfortune !
Hi Susieq, If that's the case then i think it's ridiculous.
i can't believe they can honestly justify the fee, If the carer from the home is not required then he/she won't have to stop their usual work schedule and continue doing what they would normally.
As Elyse said previously that she would be attending the appointment with him, I can't see the reason behind it other than to make more money.

Now i know that social care is suffering and local authorities are constantly having to make cuts. So can understand that care homes need to make money to stay afloat, I'm also guessing that most of the profit they make comes from people in their care who pay full price for their care and accommodation.
Charging these extra's is a extremely grey area and unless it's in the small print, I would refuse to pay it and stand my ground and make sure they know that extra carer is not needed.

I'm damn sure your right about them not getting the £10 an hour thing too, they would be getting as close to minimum wage if they are extremely lucky at the best of times. At the care company my aunt uses, even someone with a level 3 NVQ in health and social care only is getting around £8.60 an hour.
I wonder if it would be the same issue if he wasn't funding himself and was down to LA/SS