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Hello Justkel, welcome back. Is your mum still in hospital now? If so then please take a break and try to relax. Mum is safe and there are nurses looking after her. Please don't be offended but it sounds to me like your mum has taken over your life - this is not healthy.
There is no doubt she certainly has sufferered a great deal with all her conditions. It is incredible that you have managed to look after her on your own all this time. Things have now reached crisis point. Please try to relax and look after yourself. Take one day at a time.
Although you have deleted your original message, I'd just like to say that I've also been in the position of not being able to care for my mum any more, it wasn't that I didn't want to, but I just couldn't do it any more. She was in hospital, and moved to a nursing home for the last year of her life. She had been housebound for many, many years. Neither of us wanted her to move into residential care, but there was no realistic alternative. She NEEDED 24/7 care.

Feel very, very proud of the support you have given mum, not guilty that you can't do it any more.
Hey. I am not sure what your message was, but please be assured that many of us here. myself included have been at this point. No one here will ever judge you. It is a safe space to vent. And we ill give advice if we can.

Whatever has pushed you to this brink, I hope things can improve.

My situation is caring for 2 ill elderly parents. One with Huntington's disease who died in Feb. And 1 with Alzheimer's who lives at home with support. I also have 2 small children. I reached the forum and crisis point 2 years ago when we were lurching from crisis to crisis with 2 of them. I also felt I couldn't go on at that point.

Things are better now. I've learnt that it is not possible to do it all. I've learnt to stop feeling guilty about what I can't do and proud of what I do.

Best wishes to you xxx