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new to the site

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Hi my names Amy I'm 24 I am a full time carer to my partner who has a rare medical condition called melkerssons rosenthall syndrome. I had to give up full time managerial work 2 years ago to care for her. It is hard and sometimes wish that it wasnt so debilitating but thats the way it goes.

Out of interest does anyone know of any help you can get towards driving lessons when your a carer because she is finding it harder and harder to drive and with the amount of hospital trips and medical stuff etc its important we keep the car

Thanks in advance
Hi Amy, welcome to the forum. If you have a look at the top of the page, there is a tab saying "Help and Advice". Check here that you are receiving all the benefits you and your partner are entitled to, if in doubt, ring the Carers UK helpline. Has your partner had a needs assessment from Social Services? Have you had your Carers Assessment from SSD? Explain the problem about driving lessons, they might be able to help, either directly or indirectly. If you go to the Charity Commissioners website you will find details of all sorts of charities, large and small, who might be able to help. Perhaps your social worker could ask the Lions or Rotary for an anonymous donation, every little helps as they say.
just to say hi and welcome to forum
Ask social services for a direct payment towards driving lessons, you never know your luck. Some carers have received one, its worth being persistent and 'nice'. As a young carer, they should value you and give you a carers assessment in your own right. Image
Hi Amy and welcome,

hope you manage to get some help with the cost of learning to drive.