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Moving mum to a care home

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Hello everyone - I am a newbie on here so I apologise if this topic is already covered elsewhere.

I am in the initial stages of moving my mum who needs Personal Care/Dementia care into a nursing home. I am finding it all a bit of a minefield. Social Services are involved and my mother will be self funding in so far as she has a house that we will need to sell. However at the age of 98 she has no savings left so I am wondering if anyone can answer a couple of questions for me before I start ringing around care homes. It will give me a better idea of the questions I need to ask.

Obviously I already know her care requirements and I need to find out how much the home charges. I think I understand the Top Up fee issues which won't apply until the funds from my mum's house reduces to £30,000. What I would like to know though is will there be any initial outlay over and above the weekly care home fees. I am wondering if care homes generally charge a deposit, administration fee and a fee to cover a care plan for my mother. If this is the case does anyone know roughly how much this will be. As my mum does not have any up front savings to pay for this I am not sure if the Local Authority would pay for any up front charges and claim them back from the sale of her house or whether or not I will be responsible for paying for them. It is all a little bit scary at the moment on top of the obvious anxiety about finding the right care home and how she will adjust.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and any information/advice would be gratefully received prior to me starting the ball rolling next week.
I've just put some info on your other post, which I read first.
When you have chosen your preferred home, then a Matron/Care Manager will visit mum and talk to you about her needs, which they will need.
No deposit etc. usually required. The LA should not be "leaving you to it" they still have responsibilities towards both of you. Ask the LA to do a financial assessment, the first few weeks may well be free, as they are covered by a "property disregard", so the LA will pay the difference between mum's income and the fees.
The LA should offer an option called the "Deferred Payment" scheme, so they put a charge on the property, and when it's sold they reclaim all the fees they have paid directly.
Mum will be entitled to "Funded Nursing Care" about £100 a week, and MIGHT be entitled to NHS Continuing Healthcare - ask your GP to arrange an assessment as soon as possible. IF mum qualifies all her care will be entirely free, but it's a postcode lottery I'm afraid. Google "Continuing Healthcare Framework" for more details.
Is mum currently receiving Attendance Allowance?
Has mum been paying Council Tax? If so, ask the council how you can reclaim it!
Thank you for your reply on both threads bowlingbun. I believe you are right in saying that the first 12 weeks won't take into account the capital from her home and after that there will be a deferred payment to the LA which we will repay once the house is sold.

I haven't looked into the Funded Nursing Care issue as I assumed my mum would not be entitled to it as she hasn't been assessed as having a nursing need. She has been assessed with the need for personal care and dementia care (Category PE 2 in Wales, I don't know if that is the same in England) but I will certainly ask about that. She does need a financial assessment by the LA but the social worker did not mention that I needed to contact the LA, she mentioned something about speaking to Age Cymru or the Red Cross. I presume that I will need to set the bowl rolling on that one. I think these are the issues I feel daunted with because I don't actually know what department to contact or who specifically to speak to.

She does get attendance allowance at the lower rate, she was assessed for attendance allowance 7 years ago and I suspect she may be entitled to the higher rate now as she does need care and supervision both day and night. Thankfully she hasn't paid council tax since she was assessed for attendance allowance so we don't need to worry about that.

Thank you for your help and advice. It is a starting point and certainly it sounds like a financial assessment is the way to start the bowl rolling so I will look into that on Monday.
I don't know how things work in Wales, but in the UK I'd always suggest starting with Social Services.
If mum has dementia so seriously that she needs residential, then that is 24 hour care which suggests she should have the higher rate.
In Hampshire, if you are in a nursing home you automatically qualify for the (£100 approx.) "Funded Nursing Care" but not necessarily Continuing Healthcare, which is different.
Incidentally, do you live with mum? How old are you? If you live with mum the rules relating to selling the house may be different.
Carers UK has a brilliant helpline, email them and they can give you the proper legal information, what I have written relates to information from my own experience with mum. The main thing is not to sign anything without checking with someone that it's right to sign!!