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Can my parents have a Podiatrist at home? - Carers UK Forum

Can my parents have a Podiatrist at home?

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My mother is 90 and partially sighted and my dad 85 and a diabetic. We would like someone from NHS/Social services to come to the home to cut their toe nails every few months. There is no NHS clinic that will see them (apparently!) and to have someone come to the house privately will cost £66. Does anyone know if social services provide such a service? If so, who do I contact and what is the criteria for eligibility.
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Social services can't provide podiatry as it's a health function. I suggest you contact your local Healthwatch, who may be able to help or to ask questions on your behalf in terms of finding out about podiatry in your area.
phone the podiatry department directly. It is a department that you can self-refer to.I can't cut my son's toenails,they are tough and my arthritis is defeated by them! His day centre manager suggested that I phone the podiatry department,as she had heard other families do this, and I now take my son about every two months,and if his nails need doing more often, then I just phone them up.
Forgot to say that friends of my son's who have the same podiatrist, have their treatment t home, through the NHS.
My social worker gave me the contact number for our local NHS podiatry dept and they visit Mum every 8-12 weeks at home. I can phone them in between visits if Mum has a any problems. Good luck
yes they can
Sorry i am probably being thick here, but podiatrist? chiropodist? what is the difference? we have a chiropodist who comes to our house, he cuts our toenails (mine and dads) and dads fingernails as an extra, deals with all the dead skin and nasty stuff, massages our feet with lovely oils ... £26 for both of us?
A podiatrist specializes in feet and lower limbs, has a medical degree and can undertake foot surgery and write prescriptions out. A chiropodist can't do the latter two, or so I've been told. I made sure the chiropodist I called in for mum was also a podiatrist. Cost £25 for the home visit for both of us.
I think they have just changed the name.We have a friend who was a chiropodist,and her job title changed to podiatrist!