Bullying Carers won't let me watch them hoist husband

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As I haven't been trained on this hoist, carers won't even let me go in the room where they are hoisting him as I haven't been trained. I'm not even allowed to watch, Occupational therapist is coming Monday and hopefully we can get a new hoist going forward for single carer use. I feel so bullied by these carers who so far (only 3 days in) are always late, and tell me what to do - anyone else had a similar experience
What does your husband want? If he's not unconscious, surely it should be his sayso. If he wants you there, he wants you there. If he doesn't he doesn't.

I don't see what business it is of the carers, so long as you 'stand back' so to speak in case you're too close to them/the hoist and therefore might potentially cause an accident or whatever.

But if you are just 'watching' it should, surely, only be your husband's choice as to whether anyone else is there or not.

I don't see how, in your own home, strangers have a right to give orders to you??

But I havent' any direct experience of this - others may know better.

(Am I right in thinking that their objection is because you may become agitated, and therefore 'disturb' them at ta time when they have to take great care in what they are doing? If so , perhaps then, a condition might be that you watch but don't say anything, and stand well back??)
Hi Anne
The carers at my husband's nursing home don't mind either obviously as long as the relative is not Inthe way. I personally do not long to see my husband hoisted, or even on the stand aid. Distresses me, so I tell him I'm going to the loo myself or something like that. Having said that, he doesn't like me seeing it, even though he has dementia, so the staff try very hard to wait until my visit is finished. At least they show consideration, which it seems your husband's carers don't.Not good enough, your feelings are important too. Very much so. They should show you the courtesy of explaining why, and it needs to be a very good reason.
Tell them it is your home and they cannot issue orders about you watching them. I have the same problem with my husband's district nurses who come to dress his abscess. They shut the bedroom door while they attend to him, but if I am concerned about something, I just go in and watch them or point out a problem. You have to stand up for yourself, it's your home after all not theirs.
I'm trying to see the carers' point of view here. Reading between the lines a little, it is possible that they have instructions not to allow relatives that have not been trained on this particular hoist to watch them. There is the worry that someone could try to copy and do the job themselves later, do it wrong and cause an accident.

Having said that, I agree they should be a bit more courteous and explain why they do not want you to watch.

Let us hope that you soon get a replacement hoist for which you have been saved; then the problem will be resolved.