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new to this site

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Hi there
My name is Susan and I care for my husband who has Parkinson's and dementia. My roll as a carer has changed a great deal this last year and am now on 24hr call. I cannot go out without my husband and he doesn't always feel like going.
We have found a wonderful charity that operates in our home town and now my husband goes to a centre one day a week and a young girl comes in one afternoon and plays cards with him. They are also creating a memory book together. This service is free of charge.
He goes to a council run centre one morning a week and they wanted to charge us £14 each way to pick him up and drop him home....we now go by taxi.

We try to laugh and to sing together and my husband washes up (although I have to hunt for the things he puts in the wrong places)

It is nice to share.......
Hello Susan
Welcome to the Forum. I hope you will find the support, information and fun that we all need from time to time.
Hi susan and welcome to the forum. Its lovely that you still have sense of humour and Im glad that you have sorted out some time at a centre and someone in to entertain him.
Have a look around the site and jump in with a reply where ever you want. You might like to join in with our chat on roll call in the members corner.
Hi and welcome
Hello and welcome Image
Hello and welcome, Susan. 24 care is exhausting, I'm glad you get a few opportunities each week to get things done and grab some "me" time. Sounds like you still manage to have fun together too.

hi welcome to forum