break or not to have a break?

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Please can someone tell me am i being selfish i would love to have a bit of respite just a night of even a weekend at the most. some people say good idea carers need a break others say what you want to have a rest you wont be able to rest it will be on your mind (which i already do when im at work) I do work full time monday to friday i do feel bad leaving my husband who has vascular dementia. Please please am i a selfish lonely carer who will just have to get on with it? d
Hi and welcome

You are not selfish and everyone needs a break when they care for someone
Hi Diane,

All carers need a break. I'm going away for two weeks and I cant wait!!! The only thing is he is refusing to go into respite! His sister normally comes to the house to look after him but she is 78 and I dont think its fair to ask her again, not for 2 weeks anyway.

I look after my Partner 24/7 and he drives me mad. You must be shattered working all week as well.

Go away its good for you!!

Best Wishes Claire
Of course you need a break! You also need to find away to switch off and have some 'you time'. It will help you be better able to cope as a carer so its not selfish from any angle.

Go for a weekend and either go with a friend or do something such as a spa weekend to ensure that you dont just sit around and worry. Relax, laugh, cry or scream if you want to.

You need to have some 'me time' at least once a week, burning out wont help anyone - you deserve it, you need it and it's vital for survival.
Hi Diane,

Was just wondering what you decided to do regarding respite/having a break. I am in the same situation I would love to have a break, some me time, but feel so guilty/selfish so have n't done anything about it but don't think I can go on for much longer, when I am not at work I am caring Image(( You are not selfish cos if you was you would nt be caring Image) xxx