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Good Evening - Carers UK Forum

Good Evening

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello All
I am new here- found this this evening whilst trying to wade through the maze of help out there that I may or may not be able to access ( probably not) . I have been caring for four years how for parents whilst working full time but in April this year had to relinquish employment to look after Mum at home . Now trying to at least work part time to keep myself in the job market.
I live in Kent. So would just like to say hi to all. :blink:
Hello Moggy and welcome.
You managed to join while the system was under repair so I'm not surprised there been no other welcomes yet.
There are several cat owners on here, seems to go with caring :)
Are you finding your way around the forum ok? Do you have any specific queries 're caring we can try help with?

Kind regards
Moggy, yes hi - we all had to have a bit of a forced break overnight! But we're back on line - hurrah (withdrawl symptoms can subside now :) )

Like many of us, your caring situation of having elderly parents is very familiar (in my case its my 93 y.o MIL with advanced dementia - now in a home).

What is the sitatuion with your parents, and why is it that you have had to give up your full time job for your mum? What are her (and your dad's) care needs?

Are you/they getting all the financial support you can (ie, Attendence Allowance, Carers Allowane). If I have understood it correctly, one of your parents might be able to claim CA for the other one, and then you might be able to claim CA for them - it all helps.)

On a larger scale, what are their finances like? As in are they over the £23,500 threshold on property and savings and so have to self-fund for everything?

It's very important that, if they are over that limit, that they are paying YOU to care for them, in order to 'drive down' their total assets, should they ever need residential care, otherwise your labour now is just subsisiing the local authority (ie, saving your parents money, which means the LA don't have to step in!)
Also consider Tax allowances for certain conditions. You would have o search the HMRC web site for those
Hi Moggy

Welcome. I actually breed cats very very occasionally - Norwegian Forest Cats. But there are quite a few cat people on here.

All I can say is welcome and totally agree about keeping yourself in the job market. Caring is very very lonely.
Hi Moggy 66 and welcome from a doggy person. I do love cats too but they seem to sense I am a dog person and sadly I never get to see many close up, probably becasue I have a large hound in tow most of the time.
I care for an elderly parent as well and like you try to work part time for variety's sake and for the same reason as you - to make sure I have a job at the end and don't end up, up the creek wothout a paddle at the very time you can't focus on job hunting.
Hi Moggy, welcome to the forum. What outside help, if any, have mum and dad accepted, or has it just been assumed that you will do whatever they want?