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Borderline Personality Dissorder - How to cope? - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Borderline Personality Dissorder - How to cope?

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
you have not failed her its the illness talking
Gary - hows everything going? how are you feeling?
Yes, I know I'm blunt & forthright but at times it's what's needed so here's my take on your problem.

Tilly went into her relationship not knowing about it & has dealt with the fallout over many years.

You are just at the start & have some knowledge of what lies ahead.

What I'm about to say now is a bit tricky but it's never stopped me in the past so both barrels once again. If you're enjoying the honeymoon period of a new physical relationship then I think you have to stand back & ask yourself if you'd still want to be with her if the physical side of the relationship fizzled out & I think this will answer your question.

The worst possible scenario is you being with her & resenting her as time passes by.
how are things now
Hi Gary,
Hows things going now?
A few things I wanted to add having read all the posts, hope you dont mind Image

- You did not fail when you didnt notice your OH spiral down, I have been with my husband for 14years and still cannot predict an episode until its too late! I think part of the problem is sufferers themselves cannot recognise the signs and feel themselves spiraling down. If they can't - how can we?

- Its nice to want to support someone to help them get out of the black hole they have spiraled into, but be aware that you are there to guide them, you are not the rock to stand on. Or you too will end up stuck at the bottom of the hole!!

Hope that helps a little. keep your chin up and keep talking.
Hi Gary,
Just wanted to offer my support, I know what it's like believe me, my husband was diagnosed very late in life with Bi polar affective disorder, and other complications, we have known one and other over 30 years, and when diagnosis came only in 2009 I wept for all the years I didn't understand. I have to go to work now so I can't go into detail, but if ever you want to chat send me a pm and me likewise, we all need one and other to get through.

And Tillie, your story mirrors my own circumstances so much that I thought it was me, you often think your the only one going through this awful nightmare. Many thanks for sharing.

Take care all

Treez xx