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Hi All,
I have just got the forms to fill in fo4r my mum who suffers with Alzheimers. She has trouble walking very far these days, as her ankles tend to swell up after a short walk. She has been told by her doctor to rest them when ever she can.
The reason I am going to try for a badge is the council are just about to put parking meters in on the road that she lives in and all around the town's streets. It will be ok afer six pm parking maybe. But I cant just drop her somewhere and expect her to get home alone if I can't park near to her home. I do all her washing and most of her home cooked meals for her. I won't be able to carry everything too far either. Too much to go on the bus.
Any tips on apply for the badge in the hopes of getting one. Its ok them asking about how much distance can a person walk, they could see that. But Dementia can't be seen so its harder to explain .
Love Sonia xxxx
Hi Sonia and welcome to the forum Image After replying to your post I'm going to move it to the New Members section where people will see your post and be able to welcome you Image

Apart from the obvious reasons of not being able to walk very far, you should mention that your Mum has an official diagnosis of dementia and that she gets confused very easily so it is in her best interest that you be able to park as near as possible to her home (by the way you can also ask the council to 'paint' a disabled bay outside her home, although you may have to pay for that - each council is different.)

I note that you mention the badge will be handy when you deliver her washing and meals - however the badge is actually 'issued' to your Mum and unless she is the car with you it is an offence for you to use it.I was actually questioned by a traffic warden one time when I was sitting in the car - badge on display - waiting for Mum to come out from her Senior Citizens Social Club ! Luckily he knew the club and accepted my explanation Image
Welcome to the forum. I just wondered how old mum is? Not being nosey, it's just that over 65's have slightly different entitlements.
You are not being nosey. My mum will be 83 next month
Sonia x
It might be worth having a word with the Alzheimer's Society before you complete the form. I suspect they will have met this problem before and know the best words to use when completing the form. If mum was under 65 it might have been a little easier as she might have been able to claim Mobility Allowance which gives automatic entitlement to a Blue Badge. Is mum in receipt of Attendance Allowance? This might convince the local authority issuing the Blue Badge that mum's condition is serious enough to justify a badge.
Mobility Allowance was abolished in 1991 when DLA was introduced. The rules for the Blue Badge Scheme have also changed, I'm pretty sure that there was info on this in the News forum somewhere, those without automatic entitlement via higher rate DLA mobility component will generally have to attend an assessment.
It is ok to park and use the badge when you're collecting/dropping off someone.
I think that the "Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance" is a bit of a mouthful, so tend to use the term "Mobility Allowance" as an abbreviation. Sorry if I've confused anyone.
Hi Sonia ....welcome to the forum.

Bell x
I found it very difficult when first applying for the blue badge. It was OK filling in the forms but they were not happy with just that and sent someone round to fill in more forms and take him for a walk. According to them at that stage, he could walk too far. Some weeks later when he had deteriorated, I thought they would be sending someone again, but they did not and accepted my word for it. I think all councils vary. They would not give us a parking space outside the house, although someone down the road has one and her son takes her for a good long walk every day. You can see she has curvature of the spine. My husband is 81.