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mental health

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hi i look after my partner who suffers from mental health she often cuts herself and takes overdoses. she carnt be left on her own for long periods of time and she is in and out of hospital..she also hangs on my mood if i hav a bad day so does she except she carnt come out of it unless she cuts we get no help she got a cpn who is no help.i do it all but im struggling we are in debt wit council tax housing benefit..i hav learning dificulties and struggle to read and write. my health is suffering. can any1 tell me wat help i can get cus tried most and im gettin no where. dnt know how much more i can take mentally and pysically i need help
Hi and welcome

Sounds like you need a carers assessment via mh team maybe go and see the gp if cpn not good maybe a change you can get a carers assessment from social services too
rang social services got nothin they said gotta go threw cpn...even been mind. we r actually gwttin taken to court..and hsin bemefit stopped. which is causin a lot of distress which causin me prpblems. and her
hi welcome to forum
hi steven, welcome to the forum, go and speak to your doctor, I did this when my daughter needed help for the same thing. also go to the citizens advice about your other problem, they are good. hope you get things sorted
yep been told same got to go via cpn to do referrals social services told hubby that if mo luck and cpn does not do her job speak to her boss
no they stopped her esa cus of the medical she was ment to go to but told them carnt even get her out of front door..feel like walking away leave her..but then wat happens to her dead
make an appointment with gp appeal on ESA and get them to come out to her ring cpn and say she really ill and you both could do with some help
were already fightin with flat repairs.council tax hsin benefit. shes fallin apart big time wants to hurt herself. i carnt do it alone