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Blair in the Kent Area - Carers UK Forum

Blair in the Kent Area

Tell us a bit about yourself here.

I'm Blair. I live with my partner, who suffered a massive stroke in Janaury, and has now been discharged from hospital just over 6 weeks ago. It is a huge learning curve for me, and that is without the emotional aspect which has to be dealt with (by both of us). Due to personal circumstances, it is so easy to feel (and be) isolated here, but hopefully, CarersUK, may help lessen that sense of isolation. Also it would be good to learn of others' experiences in dealing with Stroke Rehabilitation and all the attendant problems.
Many thanks.
Hi Blair,
Welcome to the forum. Has anyone talked to you about a Needs Assessment for your partner, a Carers Assessment for you, and the benefits which you might be entitled to?
Hi Blair Image Welcome to the forum. Most us feel isolated at times - but join us on roll call in members corner. You will find most of us there at different times of the day. It's our way of having a little chat!
Take care,
hi blair wecome to forum
Blair welcome to the forum , you will find many friends on here , try the roll call and get to know us ....
Waving hello from East Kent!
Thank you to all the lovely folk who welcomed me to the forum/group. Crazy I know, but this is the first time I've had the opportunity to sign on again.....how is that for time management?

I know I have to get used to this way of living, (mainly around my partner's needs, which are pretty demanding), but no-one prepares you for this - and it is just the most difficult set of circumstances to deal with!

Again, many thanks to you all....and will be back, when time allows!
You post when you can , we all know how difficult it can be at times , welcome once again and await your next post ... Image Image Image