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Tell us a bit about yourself here.
hi my name is nicola and i am 47yrs old full time carer for my daughter who has aspergers syndrome .I live in Wiltshire .I am hoping to find people to chat to who understand the pressure sometimes of being a full time carer/parent
Hi Nicola
Welcome to a great group :)
Thankyou David
It seems very quiet here today ? people must be having a busy bank holiday weekend :D :D
Hi Nicola and welcome,

You should find lots of help and support amongst folk who understand what caring us like.

How old is your daughter?

Hi Nicola

Welcome to the forum and there are lots of us full time parents and carers to choose from to chat to ;)
Hi Nicola, welcome to the forum. My son has severe learning difficulties, now aged 35. He was a day pupil for many years, but when he was 16 I just couldn't manage to care for him full time, when I developed health problems of my own. He was a boarder at his school for 2 years, then went to Fairfield Opportunity Farm at Dilton Marsh, near Warminster for 3 years, which was very good for him. Have you heard of it? I now know the A36 very well indeed!!! Now 35, he manages to live in his own flat, with support, which I never dreamed he'd be able to do when he was 20.
Thankyou all for your replies .I am really looking forward to chatting to you all .I am not brilliant on my laptop but i am getting there slowly .The problem at the moment is that i am not coping well every day seems to be a struggle .I love my daughter so much but the older she gets her aspergers seems to affect her life and mine more and more .I have a gp appointment tuesday to discuss how i feel and to hopefully find ways to cope .My daughter is the sweetest loving child you could meet but she is so reliant on me in many ways .we are together 24/7 !! she used to stay at her nans one night a week for me to have a break but she stopped that 2 years ago because she suffers anxiety when away from me overnight.I hope all of that reads ok ,i rather feel that i was rambling on a bit x
Melly my daughter is 11 yrs old x
Hi nicola
Don't worry about rambling, we all do that at times. And besides which, your post didn't sound like rambling, it just sounded like you telling us what your life is like.
I do hope the doctor is helpful. It is so easy to burn out when you are doing 24/7 caring.