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benefits when the carer becomes ill - Carers UK Forum

benefits when the carer becomes ill

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Hello all, I am a newbie and just want a little rant! I care for my 14 yr old autistic son. Because of anxiety issues, he's not been at school for over two years. This meant reducing my hours of work and claiming CA. Since March this year I have been too ill to work and am being tested for MS. (Six months waiting for a second neurology appt!). Because I didn't earn a great deal and was on zero hours contract, my employer doesn't pay sick pay. However, can't claim ESA because I haven't paid in enough contributions in the last two years! My partner works and earns £26k so I can't claim income based ESA either! So now I'm waiting on a claim for PIP... Thoughts on a postcard, please! :(
Ring the Carers UK helpline. They are wonderful.
Hi Maria and welcome,

For financial advice you are best to ring the helpline.

I hope your neurology appt comes through soon. Might be worth ringing up the consultant's secretary, in case you've slipped through the net.

Is your son receiving any outreach support?

Hi Maria.

Welcome to the site and I hope that you find the help that you very much need on here.
Thanks all, I will ring the helpline. No, Kelly, he's not getting any support. We'be just heard that he has a place at a specialist school (that was a long, hard fight!). Hopefully he'll feel accepted and "normal" there.
Hi Maria,
Congratulations on winning a place at a specialist school. My son with learning difficulties moved from a mainstream school to a special school at the age of 9, initially as a day pupil, later as a boarder. It was a good move for us. Small classes, a peaceful environment, lots of personal attention, understanding what he could not do, and encouraging what he could. I do hope your son enjoys it. Don't be surprised if it takes you a long time to adjust to having more time. I know it sounds wonderful at the moment. However I was completely unprepared for the serious withdrawal symptoms after years of endless care.
Bowlingbun, we have a 10 week old puppy. I think my time will be filled OK! He will be home every day, though. I just look forward to my son being a round peg in a round hole and coming home happy :-) Glad you got the same for your son, but it must be hard when he's away.