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Bedroom tax

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I give up my job to become a full time carer for my Mother about a year ago.She lives on her own.I have a 2 bed flat i have asked her to move in with me but she likes her own flat and says no.Now this bedroom tax has started i have to pay £11.61 per week which seems very unfair.Is anyone else in this position and can anything be done.Thanks Norman..
Hi Norman and welcome Image

Im not in the same position, but just wanted to say hello!
hi Norman,
welcome to the forum.
I don't know about the bedroom tax, but have you had advice regarding other benefits and allowances you're entitled to? If not I'd check it out with Carers Uk advice line, or CAB perhaps.
A lot of us are facing your situation from this dreadful tax.
Its grossly unfair to include the disabled let alone penalise carers who save the government a fortune dont forget.
I would speak to your local town council & ask if anything can be done.
I for example need a seperate bedroom & they have said if my doctor backs me up in writing they will consider it.
Hi Norman,
I would have been in the same position as I gave up my small rented flat to care for mum in our family home which is also rented but has more bedrooms (all full with both our furniture which I'm working my way through when time allows).
I actually asked before I moved if I could be added to the tenancy and was told I could be if I lived here a year and there were no arrears of rent etc. I did all that was asked and when I applied they said it wasn't their policy to allow that.
I sought help from my MP and thanks to her I was included as a member of the household and told that there is such a thing as succession of the tenancy which in most places can only happen once.
Now with the bedroom tax if anything happened to my mum I would probably be evicted or made to pay much more for the privilege of staying here.
It has put me off from replacing any carpets or decorating or even gardening as I can't see the point if I'd have to spend money again elsewhere.
At the moment we have escaped having to pay increased charges or reduced benefits as mum was born before the cut off year, can't remember what that year is now but anyone born before a certain time is exempt from these changes to benefits.
Hi Norman

The only way to save the money is for your mum to give up her flat and move in with you. If she values her independence then all you can do is rent out your spare bedroom. You do need to check though if that could have any repercussions on your benefits.

I and my husband live in a two bed house and the council wants us to downsize. However, as my husband is disabled we have not shared a bedroom for several years. We were asked to provide medical evidence but the council rather conveniently lost everything (including the original tenancy) and took us to court. Luckily I have evidence that they had seen the documents plus I have provided a fresh report with evidence that the council's ignorant-of-mental-issues-campaign has had a detrimental effect on my husband's health as well as mine. I urge everyone not to trust council workers and always make sure you get a receipt for any documents you provide to them. The council went as far as to insinuate that we cannot share bedroom because our marriage broke down, completely ignoring that our marriage is not the problem but the illness is. At first they offered us a one bed flat, then they said they would house my husband but not me, then they said they would provide one bed and I should sleep in a living room. It is just laughable.

Do not get fobbed off, fight for your rights because they will just happily trample over you. Our GP said had it not been for me my husband would have ended up homeless and a severe burden to the NHS.

We could all try Civil Disobedience by appealing every decision made so that more money gets wasted and if enough people did this it would clog the system. It isn't against the law so nobody would get into trouble for it. Indeed it would be a natural response to anything that is deemed to be a wrong decision.

Read more: Liverpool Echo http://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/liverpoo ... z2RIQYCMvw
This tax is madness but like the poll tax the opposition will not be drawn on an answer of wether or not they will remove it if they get in next election.
I wonder what the Carers UK vote would be worth?
All we want is fairness for carers & disabled people..its doing my head in.