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frustrated by agencies attitude.... - Carers UK Forum

frustrated by agencies attitude....

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My disabled cousin(59) lives almost 3 hours away from me, he has 24 hour care package and goes to day centre. The care agency is saying that 3 carers that have left that want to visit him are not allowed even though he has asked to see them. I have given my permission for this to happen as they were never dismissed and haven't been in trouble and absolutely adore him and he them. Frustrated at this situation ive rang CQC, Solihull Council and CAB, the first 2 are investigating it and CAB solicitor said he cannot believe that this is happening especially as 1 of the ex carers isnt working for another care company. They dont want to poach him they just care. I see this as a deprivation of his liberty but the care company are having none of it and are also saying 1 of the carers who i have become close friends with is not allowed to contact me anymore or she will face legal proceedings, how can this be she is now my friend and also she was the only carer that ever kept me in the loop about anything that happened health-wise with my cousin. Im so annoyed, its one thing trying to rule my cousin but me too its ludicrous. All I want is for him to see who he wants to see, hes not vulnerable as he always has a carer with him. I feel that ive exhausted every avenue and now im just waiting for the CQC and Social workers to get in touch, a friend said i should get in touch with care uk so here i am.
Hi Tracey
That is standard practice with agencies I'm afraid, the company I work for make it's staff sign to say they will not have any contact with clients for 6 months after leaving the agency and any contact with client while still working for agency needs to be approved by office.
Partly insurance liability cover and partly to protect their business interests and also to retain a professional relationship as opposed to an emotional/social relationship with client and family. The more I see of care work on both sides of the fence, the more I agree with this.
Hi Tracey
While it is standard practice, to have these sorts of terms in a carers employment contract, the careers may want to consult a specialist employment lawyer to see if their particular contracts are too restrictive . There is a balance to be had between reasonable and restrictive and it wouldn't surprise me if some agencies have swung too far.

Hope this helps
That's crazy, it's a friendship not work situation.
One of my son's carers still keeps in touch, and he pops round to see her parents who live a couple of roads away, to see how she is, after being in a very serious car accident which left her in hospital and her partner had a leg amputated. We need our disabled family members to have more friendships like this, not restrict them.
Thankyou for all your replies, I spoke to 1 of the carers the other night the 1 who i have a friendship with and she read me her contract with restrictive covenant and it doesnt say anything about not being able to contact him or me. I also dont understand how they think they can control with someone who i have a friendship with as it doesnt say anything about that either. so i am seeking legal advice as i need to know how i can get her to visit him
It sounds as though the carers have been less than professional in the past. There is a distinction between providing a family member with support and advice and becoming a personal friend.
After having employed agency staff myself for the best part of ten years and worked in the care industry myself for nearly 5 years , I can see the pitfalls of such friendships and understand why these rules are in place. Try not to put undue pressure on the former carers and place them in a difficult situation. Your invitation may end up jeopardising their employment. If they are true friends , six months will pass swiftly .
hi Henrietta its not me putting pressure on, in fact its they who contacted me. The company also haven't said for how long this ban is for. It is difficult not to build a friendship with someone and probably my fault as well as Im easy to get on with and like to feel at home when i visit him and 1 in particular makes this happen. I think its a shame that he is asking to see these ladies because he also has built up a closeness and he is being denied it
Hi Tracey
If there is nothing written in the contract then they can do as they please if they have left the company. If they are just working for other clients then perhaps the agency realised it was time for a change of stff to stop this sort of thing happening?
Hi Henrietta the Quality Care Commission said the same thing. I am therefore trying to get a best interest meeting arranged and an advocate sorted for him as recommended by QCC
Thankyou for your input