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Universal credit and managing to live on it... - Carers UK Forum

Universal credit and managing to live on it...

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Hello, I'm new here and would like some advice on universal credit and Carer's allowance. Both my adult children have Bi Polar and other mental health problems. I'm a full time carer for one of them but also support the other with taking them to appointments and generally assisting when I'm needed.
I used to work part time self employed but then after a couple of horrendous years due to personal extreme ill health of one of my children which led to my husband leaving and as a result I felt very unwell myself I had to claim universal credit. We waited 12 weeks for this and luckily I had an overdraft!
I receive £479 a month universal credit, my rent is around £78 a week, I receive a council tax discount I pay around £7 per month and also receive carers allowance of £63 weekly , they've told me I'm entitled to a caring premium of around £151 per month but then deduct £270 out of my universal credit as I receive carers allowance.
The benefits I receive are crippling, I don't have any debts or credit cards. Are we receiving all that we're entitled too? My daughter's benefit was cut last year by £80 a month with the latest Government cuts. Although I hear now that our Court system has challenged that decision.
I'm interested to find out how other single carers cope? or any advice most welcome,
Your children should both be giving you the major part of their Income Support. It's for their basic needs like food, not to spend on clothes and CD's. Are you claiming Housing Benefit. I know there are some odd rules about who is the tenant and that affects how much HB is payable, but I can't remember exactly how it works, as I read it about 15 years ago. I suggest you contact our Carers UK helpline, email, don't phone. Have Social Services done a recent Carers Assessment for you?
How nice for your husband to have walked away from it all....

(Perhaps I'm being unfair, but maybe not?)

Carers UK team of experts know the rules inside out, so do email them (better than phoning apparently, as phone lines often very busy, but they reply to emails in a few days.)

This is a sad thing to remind you of, but what provisions are in place for your children once you are no more (I guess we write their dad out of the picture!)? Would it help you now if you started to consider moving them into independent living? It's horrible to think of not being there to look after them, but the statistical reality is that at some point, they will outlive you.....