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Becoming a paid carer for my mum - Carers UK Forum

Becoming a paid carer for my mum

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Hi Everyone

My mum is currently in receipt of direct payments, she has just moved house and lives very close by so I am now able to become her full time carer. I was also caring for her at her previous address but was unable to do this on a full time basis as
the location was very rural and not easily accessible for me.

From reading online, the only stipulation I can see, is that the family member must not live in the same household for them to be entitled to receive direct payment.

In order to receive direct payments, I understand that I need to register as self-employed, is this all that I need to do?


There is an existing thread on family members taking on the caring role via direct payments.

Suffice to say , a VERY grey area !

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... 20payments

In the absence of anyone from Carers UK commenting on that thread , DEFINATELY one for the Advice Team !!!

Also , bear in ind that the relationship will change , in law , to one of employer / employee , and all that follows ... Employment law / Health and Safety legislation / sickness , holiday pay / pensions ... to name just a few.

A minefield for anyone thinking about going down that route.
My eldest son was my youngest son's PA if he came home to stay with me for the weekend, when I was disabled. Son was selfemployed, I insisted on the LA funding a Payroll service. They did all the paperwork for HMRC. Definitely insist on this.
My other tip would be NEVER rely on whatever the LA says on the phome, unless it's confirmed. My LA kept changing the goalposts!
A carer will probably be an employee of his/her caree. I'm speaking having had to be an HMRC expert for a while. There's this from Carers UK:
Employing a care worker directly

If the person you are looking after employers a care worker directly (even if this is a family member or friend), then they will be taking on the responsibilities of an employer.

This can seem daunting, however, in many areas of the country there are organisations which can help with these responsibilities. You can ask your local council/trust about organisations in your area, and you can also have a look on the Resource Directory from Disability Rights UK which is a tool to help you find regional and local services that may be able to offer different types of support and advice, including support with direct payments.
from here: https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... t-payments

HMRC has a handy self-test about self-employment (that is, whether or not you'd qualify as self employed rather than an employee) here:
https://www.gov.uk/guidance/check-emplo ... us-for-tax

I'd certainly recommend that you make no assumptions about being self employed unless you have something in writing from HMRC.