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Night Time Support

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My wife and I are complete newbies to providing carer support. My mother-in-law has pulmonary fibrosis at an advanced stage on constant oxygen and early dementia. We have two social worker carer visits (excuse me if my terminology is wrong) per day. We managed to buy a hospital type electric bed but the problem now is that the patient is unable to get back into bed during the night after she visits the toilet at any point. Can anyone provide any guidance on what options are available in Scotland for such a situation? Many thanks, Ian
Hi Ian ... welcome to the canteen.

Paid care workers perhaps ... social workers would hardly seek to get their hands dirty.

If NOT provided by your local LA as part of a Needs Assessment , an Internet search ... SCOTLAND CARE SUPPORT OVERNIGHT ... reveals a whole host of suppliers of such services ... at a price !

I will assume that a Needs Assessment has been carried out , and all options made known ... including the financial element ?

Age Scotland ... would be my number one choice for advice :


Long shot ... CHC / NHS Continuing Healthcare ... eligible ???

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/support- ... inks-32532

System in Scotland seems different ... one to bounce off Age Scotland.

Perhaps others with direct experience of overnight support in Scotland can provide some insight ?
For just passing urine my wife, who cannot get in and out of bed alone,. uses this
non spill urinal, It can hold quite a lot and doesn't spill if tilted over.
To increase the capacity I have connected the outlet to a 1 gallon container on the floor via a flexible pipe.

To empty the urinal in the night all she needs to do is raise it up and the contents runs into the big container via the pipe.

https://www.ageukincontinence.co.uk/fem ... 000ml.html