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Caring for my anorexic daughter, would love to chat. - Carers UK Forum

Caring for my anorexic daughter, would love to chat.

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Hi guys,
I had to commit my then 17yr old under the Mental Health Act at the begining of the year, she was hospitalised Boxing Day (not what we had planned lol) and transferred from the general hospital to a CAMHS unit in January. When she turned 18 she was moved on to an adult eating disorder unit and has comeon in leaps and bounds. She was fed through an ng tube for 3 months but is now eating well and almost back to a healthy weight Image

We are coping pretty well, I am a single parent and work full time. I feel we are working towards a discharge in the next coupleof weeks, this makes me nervous because I will have to carry on working and she will be needing quite a lot of care around meal times.

Anyway that is me, I am hoping to have a few specific questions answered but will post those seperately.

If anyone has any questions about anorexia or if they are worried their loved one (male or female) may have some symptoms please ask me, I have learnt SO much over the past 6 months and one of the most important things is this can hit ANYBODY, sometimes just a short illness or loss of apetite can trigger this hideous illness. There are many signs that can be detected early, including a desire to "eat healthily", to become a vegetarian or partake inexcessive exercise.

Right, better go walk the dogs

Take care everyone
Hi and welcome to the Forum.Hope you find it useful and fun.Nice opening post. Image Image Image
Thanks for the welcome Michael, I now have another reason not to do housework Image

I am actually on holiday for a week but a lorry reversed into my car 8.45am on the 1st day so am a bit housebound atm.Who knew daytime tv was so rubbish and addictive at the same time Image
welcome to the forum my daughter suffers from anorexia, you can pm if you would like to.
Thanks Emma, I did Image
Hi .

Welcome to the forum.

Lots of friendly people here x
Hi and welcome Image
We spoke about anorexia in a group I go to and it came to light that parents forget to listen to the child. All yhey see is how her anorexia hit the family how she caused problems how they felt. Not making any judgements but my wife was anorexic fof years. Hospitalised like your daughter and i. Group we spoke about how it harmed the family.
My wife said they being parents drz social workers but I was not invited because I was the problem.
So nobody wanted to talk to me or finx out why. Hope I have not upset you by this. Mark