Assessments of caring needs

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Hi, this is my first post and I am in desperate need of advice.
I am a carer for my husband. He was diagnosed with motor neurone disease over 4 years ago. I am now 37 and I have been looking after him, on my own always as his family is in the midlands and we are in London. I lost my mind, my friends and family long ago (I am not from the UK originally, although my husband is and that's why we came back) and while some days I am fine, and try to concentrate on 'yeah, let's be happy today and enjoy our time together' - other days I look at the Thames and I wonder how peaceful I would feel at the bottom of it.

I used to work full time, now I have to work part time. The Council has just re-assessed the hours my husband needs, and they've given us 2 hours a day, which are of very little help for me as I have to get up at 5 am and get everything ready for him while I am away, anyway. I got so distressed when they told me that, because the truth is that 2 hours a day are really of very little help. My husband is wheelchair bound, and cannot hold a cup or eat or go to the loo or leave the house on his own. The only thing he can do is use the 'eyegaze', i.e., his eyes to control the computer. He basically sits in his wheelchair, listening to the radio or watching something online, waiting for me to come back 6 hours later from work and go out for a walk in the park with our beautiful dog. Once a week he goes to a day centre.
I emailed the council, and while intially they told me that the budget allocations (=allocation of carer hours) is point based, when I asked them for the total number of points they had given to my husband, they denyied a point system. So: is this a transparent and objective system!?! Well, doesn't seem like it. How can I be sure their assessment is adequate? how does it compare with other people living similar unfortunate circumstances?
If someone like my husband gets 2 hours a day, and he is 100% dependent on me or a carer for any basic such as getting a drink of water, does anyone get more than 2 hours a day?
Hello, and welcome to the forum. Did you know that you can ask to see everything the council have written about you? It's called a Subject Access Request. Write a letter in your husband's name, headed "SAR" and ask them to forward it to you. They have, by law, about 40 days to do this - look at the Information Commissioner's website for more details. Then you can find out the truth about what has and has not been said.
Then Google "NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist Assessment". It's really important that you know about this, because at some stage he will inevitably qualify. I would suggest asking your GP to arrange an assessment as soon as possible. Has he applied for Personal Independence Payment?
Thanks, I will do this straight away...
Unrelated to your original post about the amount of care needs they have assessed as meeting their criteria, or the ones that they agree to serve ( :mad ) a measly two hours.....I am wondering Something else. Ok? Slightly off topic.
Has he been offered a recent Occupational Therapy assessment ...... mentioning it in case there are any more things available or in the market to help with his daily needs. Things which neither of you have thought of yet. A long shot but maybe of use.
Also for those of you caring for someone with MND might be worth checking out the National MND org website.
Not that I am sending you away.....I just believe collecting information from many sources is often productive :)