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Any link for the petition , Michelle ?

If under 5,000 signatories , would be treated as an " Also ran. "

10,000 and ... your in business.

( Even the FREE PUBLIC TRANSPORT one has struggled to reach 5,100 ... and that would have benefited far more carers. )
Link to the petition?
I live with my wife and were both on state pensions i am a carer for my daughter who lives on her own as my pension overlaps carers allowance so will i be able to claim carers premuim or do i have to be claiming pension credit to qualify ?
Hi Paul, I'm afraid I can't answer your initial question, one of our other members will be along presently who is great at answering this sort of question.

Would you like to tell us a bit more about your daughter, there may be other money available?
When did she last have a Needs Assessment, and you, a Carers Assessment, from Social Services?
Carers Premium / Pension Credit ?

Full sp from elsewhere on this site : ... e-benefits

Benefits for carers who are pension age.

Most carers who are pension age will be receiving a State Pension. There might be other benefits you can claim as a carer who is pension age.
Hi my daughter is mentally disabled and recieves pip higher rate disability payment i care for her 35 hrs weekly but because my state pension overlaps the careras allowance i carnt get the allowance but i am i entiled to an underlying payment carers addition of £36.85 a week ? Im bit confused as DWP informed me that i need to be claiming pension credit im slightly confused!!
How do I get a day off?
Hi Paul.

Answer lies in the link posted two replies ago.
Dare I mention NEW ZEALAND ?