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Asda contract 6

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Hello I'm new here and new to forums so hope I'm in the right place. I currently work at Asda and ALL colleagues are being moved to what's called 'contract 6'. This new contract gives the company the right to change our working days, working hours, shift patterns and departments at any time and with no limit on how many time they can make changes. We have no choice but to sign the new contracts or be dismissed. Now, I have been told by Asda that as carers we CAN have some protection against inappropriate shift changes. I was also told we HAVE to be 'registered' as a carer for this protection. This leads to my question, how do I provide proof that I am a carer? (I've never heard of a 'register' :-??? ) I do not claim carers allowance as my part time wage is over the claim threshold. There are lots of people in this situation, there are at least 15 of us in my store alone! Any information on how to show proof of responsibilities would be gratefully appreciated, thanks.
Hi Matthew ... welcome to the forum.

On your behalf , I have searched through the various results produced by ... ASDA UK EMPLOYEES TERMS AND CONDITIONS ...
an Internet search that has revealed nothing in relation to your enquiry.

Registering as a carer ?

In the dark as much as you ... one does NOT need to be claiming Carers Allowance to be a family / kinship carer !

My immediate thought would be your local union rep for clarification.

A little " Odd " that such a well known company has not a clear and consise policy for carers ... whereas , for disabled
people , there are sections on their web site that suggest they do all they can to accomodate them.

Employment law ... there are degrees of comfort for carers within said law ... someone inside ASDA has the job of
ensuring the company does comply with them.

A question of who ... usually at the local level ... even the store manager perhaps ?


http://www.gmbnorthwest.co.uk/news/five ... rade-union
A One to One meeting is an official meeting between you and your manager. On Contract 6, the manager will discuss the potential impact of the contract changes on you.

1. REPRESENTATION - You have the right to be accompanied by a rep to your One to One meeting. You have the right to a postponement if your GMB rep is not available. failing that your Regional GMB Officer.

2. INFORMATION - In the meeting, your manager should come prepared with detailed information to share with you about how the proposed changes will impact on you and your finances.

3. SIGNING DOCUMENTS - You should not sign anything in this first One to One. There is no hurry. The proposed changes would not kick in until November and GMB wants a better deal for you. You may not be asked to sign it there and then, but if you are, you are within your rights (and should) to say no.

4. CAN ASDA FIRE ME FOR NOT SIGNING? - You cannot be dismissed or disciplined in this meeting for refusing to sign a new contract.

5. WHAT IS THE GMB'S POSITION? - The deal we are being offered is not good enough. Asda colleagues work hard to make Asda profitable, and we are angry that such changes could just be imposed. We are continuing to push for a better deal. GMB is going to ballot on the Asda proposals, so watch out for more details. If members are not happy with it, we may be left with no choice but to ballot for industrial action.

If you need further help or support, contact your store rep in the first instance or failing that your Regional GMB Officer.

Good luck with whatever follows !


Part time wage over the limit ( £ 123 ) , so not claiming Carers Allowance ?

With a bit of marshalling , there are ways to do BOTH .... earn over AND still claim CA.

Just ask !
Ask Asda what proof of being a carer they require? Where can you register?

Carers Allowance is only available if you work a few hours a week.

I would suggest that you take proof that your WIFE is disabled, and therefore you are classed as "disabled by association" in the Equality Act, and therefore they must "make reasonable adjustments" or else you could take them to a tribunal for "Constructive Dismissal". Ask Google for information about the "Coleman case constructive dismissal".

I suggest printing off some of the relevant information on the subject and giving it to whoever insists on the "registration". Do it very nicely, saying "It might help you to read this". Hopefully it will then educate the company. Pass on the information to your fellow workers in the same situation.

It's not that the company are trying to be difficult, they are just ignorant of the relevant rules.
If one goes by what I discovered through Internet searches , BB ... a different ball game in 2019 ???

CUK's take on this from elsewhere on this site :

https://www.carersuk.org/help-and-advic ... ts-at-work
Your rights in work

If you're juggling work with looking after someone, you're not alone - there are three million working carers in the UK.

Juggling work and care can be very challenging, so it’s important to find out about your rights.

PeopleFirst ... your rights as a carer in the workplace :

https://www.peoplefirstinfo.org.uk/look ... s-a-carer/

ACAS ... working and caring :


Hopefully , not another " Book v. reality " scenario ???
Have you had a "Carers Assessment?

Talk to your GP, especially if your caree shares the same GP ( or practice) they should be able to provide some proof.
I did register as a carer at my local GP surgery. All I did was fill in their form and I think its for the surgery use only, not passed to Social Services. They did send my details to the local carers support group, but that was before this GDPR lark. I don't think they'd be allowed to do that now.

So, like has been said, ask ASDA what proof they require, than check that legally and data-wise you can share that information with them.
Thank you all you wonderful people. I will go back armed with info for my next 1-2-1. It might not prevent me from having to sign this awful new contract but at least I can fight future problems it might cause. The whole proposal seems very inhumane to a lot of us but has now become unstoppable.
Your welcome , Matthew.

At least you have one huge advantage over us.

A trade union that supports you , the worker !

All we , 8.8 million of us , can ever expect to receive is an occasional pat the head.

You now know where we are.
A footnote to this thread :

https://morningstaronline.co.uk/article ... ts-workers

Thousands protest against Asda's " Crippling workers with poverty pay. "


ASDA has lost the “respect and support” of its staff, trade unionists warned today as hundreds of workers marched through central Leeds in protest at “punitive” contract changes.

About 1,500 GMB union members employed by the supermarket giant marched past the company’s headquarters on Wednesday to oppose the imposition of “contract VI.”

The contract is deeply unpopular among Asda workers as it denies them right to paid breaks and no longer guarantees that some staff do not have to work at weekends.

This has caused particular distress for people with care duties, who say that they are being asked to choose whether to keep their job or properly look after vulnerable family members.

The GMB estimates that about 93 per cent of members oppose the new contract, but Asda bosses have threatened that any workers who do not sign the contract by November 2 will be automatically sacked.

GMB Wales and South West young members’ regional chairman Dean Ismay told the Star: “How Asda are treating its colleagues is disgraceful and disrespectful.

“Many of them have given years of service to this business to ensure it’s profitable and now we are having our hard-earned rights taken away, all in the name of the ‘needs of business.’

“They’re crippling us with retail poverty pay and with retail poverty conditions.

“We were once proud to wear that uniform, but not any more. The business that won awards for how it treated us is long gone.”

Asda was bought by notoriously anti-union US retail giant Walmart in 1999.

A young employee, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Star that management is already “turning up the heat” on workers refusing to sign the contract, saying: “There is blatant trade-union discrimination going on in every Asda up and down the country.

“I’ve seen with my own eyes how workers are being threatened by their managers, being asked to show their union cards, being pressured when they’re tired or in vulnerable positions into signing the contracts, and everyone has heard horror stories from other stores too.

“It can’t go on, and we wouldn’t be taking the problem seriously if we didn’t decide to tackle it head on.”

Shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon, MP for Leeds East, told the rally: “Isn’t it wrong that people who create the profits for Asda have to come to Leeds in the pouring rain to ask that the company that they made a success of for all these years listens to them?

“You shouldn’t have to be here today. It’s wrong that you are treated with such disrespect. You make Asda such a success and they do not listen to you.”

Addressing the crowd, GMB general secretary Tim Roache offered his solidarity to the workers in their fight.

He pointed out that the Waltons, who own Walmart, are the richest family in the world, with an accumulated fortune of about £158 billion.

He said: “When they tell us times are tough, yeah! They are tough for workers, but not for the people at the top.

“They say it is their sector’s norm to impose contracts on their workers.

“But why is there not a way for Asda to show that you can stand above so-called industry standards and show an example to other employers?”

He said: “They tell us that we have to be grateful for £9 an hour. But anywhere the GMB is organising in this sector which would impose these punitive, restrictive contracts — we would oppose them and fight them anywhere.”

GMB regional organiser Keith Dixon said: “It is time that Asda realises that they have lost the respect and support of their workforce and agrees to meet with GMB to negotiate better terms on behalf of the members.”
Yes what Ayjay says. Make sure you register at GP surgery as formal carer and ask GP to confirm it.