Help. I think my brother is abusing POA?

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Hi I'm new here so hello to all.
My wife is a senior care assistant in a Dementia unit so I know and admire all that you carers all do for your loved ones. She has done this for an amazing 28 years and is still going strong and I love her for it.
Recently my mother who lives 300 miles away has been diagnosed with Dementia. My brother lives next door to her and last year put mum into a home, I assume the reason is that he could not cope. This was also agreeable to me as she seemed to be falling down stairs too may times and sustaining, oddly enough, only facial injuries!! Such events have not occurred in the 11 months that she was in a home!
My brother and I have joint and, unfortunately, several POA. I strongly advise anyone not to go down the several route and maintain joint POA only. As a result of the several bit my brother has removed funds, without my consent, from my mothers bank account (over £500) to cover "loss of working hours" even though he is self employed!
Since that time my brother has taken my mum out of care and into his own house as mum's bank account was dwindling and could not support carehome costs....this is another story but quite rightly Social Services would not assist due to my mum having other available funds that my brother had not divulged to them.
In any event, I found out at the weekend that my brother has set up a standing order to pay his live in, unemployed girlfriend nearly £1200 per month, I assume as a way to pay her for caring for mum. To set up the scene my brother is struggling financially despite living in a 4 bedroom, mortgage free, detached house.
Whilst such expenditure from my mum's account is, in my opinion, morally wrong, I would be grateful if anyone could please give advice if it is legally wrong or if bank statements would be sufficient to have my brother removed from POA?
I would love to have my mum live with me and would not charge her a penny but our house is currently being extended so that my stepson can move back in and is part construction site so it would be unsafe. Also we do not have a spare bedroom:-( The carehome cost where we live are also nearly double where my brother lives!
Please help with POA issue.
Hello Ray
I'm sorry to read you are having this problem with the several POA. I had to go down the Court of Protection route, for my lovely husband. My daughter's are named on the certificate, and can only take over my husband's finances if I am unable to do so.
The best thing I can advice, is for you to contact the Office of public guardian and express your concerns. They have a duty to investigate.
Have you met your brothers girlfriend? Do you feel she is capable of caring for your mother?
Lots of questions need answering for you to feel comfortable re your Mother's care, so I would contact the guardian ship officers ASAP. I do hope this is resolved speedily and amicably.
Contact Social Services where your mum is living and let them deal with it. They have a duty to protect vulnerable adults, and formal procedures to follow where financial abuse is suspected. Ring them today, or look at the LA website, they should have a link to the Adult Services Complaints Team.
Welcome to the Forum, Ray. Sounds a very difficult situation.

Pet is quite right. This should be reported to the Office of the Public Guardian and they can provide advice on the process:

Good luck,
Ray, there are two aspects to this, so it's not a matter of one or another, deal with both.

Financial abuse - contact Social Services
Abuse of POA - contact Office of Public Guardian (OPG)