Anyone in there 20's on here?

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi Holly
Sorry to say not in my 20's! but a warm welcome from me.
Hi Holly,

I'm not in my 20's, (am double that,) I started caring in my 30's.


One more checking in.
I'm 25, caring for my wife who's 24 Image
Glad to have you here Holly. Sorry to be so brief, gotta go, but there are a few of us around if you wanna talk or anything...
ive not long turned 30, been a carer since i was 21,,
i wouldnt know wot other people do in their 20s' but i feel i got the "rubbish" decade sort of over and done with

i started my 30s' with knowledge and strength and i feel ready to just enjoy life.. even the surgeons appt 2moz with amy,,, will b gr8 and cerys loves seeing amys feet! and being social with the nurses.. it takes pressure off of me as well as every one is ahhhhhh dont u have lovely girls rather than say-- how r u?