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New Carers Start Here

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Hi my name is Sarah

I have been a carer for my son Tim who has chronic fatigue Syndrome for four years. He is seventeen and has just moved out of home which is very difficult as he is still ill but due to various family tensions this has happened. Feel gutted but trying to be philosophical about it as he's not far away. The money situation is abominable, and I have a rotten situation with the Tax Credits, National Insurance Contributions and entitlement to Job seekers Allowance at the moment. So not much money for this 'festive' season. Am currently trying to study for a degree in Psychology with the OU but it looks like I will have to give that up, because of finances. I am married with an 11 year old daughter, and we have a dog called Billie who is a female staffie/Labrador crossbreed who we got from a rescue home literally two days after my son was diagnosed with CFS/ME. So thats me and my situation!!

Kind regards to you all Sarahxx Image
Hi Winterbabe, and welcome to the forum, lots of good advice and lovely friendly people on here.
Hi and welcome,

Lots of people here to help. I know you`ll get plenty of back up from the many people on this forum now you`ve taken the plunge Image
Hi and a warm welcome from me too.
a welcome from me also Image
Hello and welcome Image
Thanks for your welcome, everyone.

Regards, Sarahxx Image
Welcome aboard Sarah. Lovely name but I would say that, same as my youngest daughter Image Image

Hope you find the forum of benefit to you.

Hello Sarah - welcome to our online family! Image They used to say that Money was the root of all evil - but it certainly helps a lot, doesn' it? I hope you find some comfort and help when you visit with us Image