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Another Noob clocks In. - Carers UK Forum

Another Noob clocks In.

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hi all,

I've finally got round to posting something on here and am looking forward to joining in what looks like a lively forum.

I live in Derby and care full time for my wife (mid 40's) who has mobility problems brought about by Fibro, osteo arthritis, and more that I can't spell and Trigeminal Neuralgia. Some days are better than others, but not many.

My user name refers to my motorbike not my athletic abilities. I still try to get out on it when I can for my couple of hours of escape. Aside from that I take the dog for a walk every day (whether she wants to go or not) and find that it brings me an air of calm outside of th house. Oh, and I've discovered I'm a great cook. Who knew?

My attitude to caring is...
It's the best job in the world, because I get to do it.
It's the worst job in the world, because I have to.

Feel free to ask anything more,

cheers for now..
Hi and a warm welcome from me, definitely not the weather for being out on the bike. Image Image Keep having to start ours up!!! Look forward to hearing more about you and your caree, do you have children? We can be a lively lot as you've noticed.....some more so than others.

sprinter welcome to the forum , look forward to your posts Image
Hi and welcome to the forum. Image
Hello Sprinter! Welcome to our cyber family Image I'm sure you'll have fun and chats with us to add to your way of relaxation (it might give your dog a rest lol) oh, by the way, we like to see people's furry friends too - maybe you could post a pic of her?
Hi Sprinter and welcome Image
Hi Sprinter

Great name by the way Image
Welcome to the forum....good place to come to when we want to have a chat,it helps to relieve the stress from our daily chores. I live in derby and care for my hubby who has (COPD).Do keep in touch!!!

thanks to all for the warm welcome, watch this space for photos of a cold dog (coming shortly)
Morning and Welcome to you. No difficult questions ....except to ask what you are doing up this horrid time of day??? :D

ah, was it you who just postedd about your ringtones? if so, Image Image
I know it was a bit early in the a.m. (or was it a late night?).

Do you mean that it is possible for carers to have a regular sleep pattern. How does that work?
Regular sleep pattern???? What's that????? Image Image
Hello Image What bike do you have? I used to ride an 18S AJS (500cc) to work in all weathers. Oh the joy of cracking the ice from frozen gauntlets at the end of the journey Image