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Need a hug

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Sorry everyone, I could do with some freinds for support at the moment, and where better than the forum. I just wanted to tell you how my daughter was doing at the moment. As you know she suffers from Anorexia which has really affected her health and also her mind. She was admitted onto the Mental Health unit, as her weight has gone down again and they were worried how dangerous things were getting. She is finding it really tough there and they told her she has to gain a
pound a week. To us that could be easilly done but to someone with Anorexia its the end of the world. We had a meeting yesterday with her care team, they told us that she will be in for at least 9 weeks until she can gain the weight. She was hysterical at this point and wanted to come home, you can imagine the rest. It was so emotionally draining and upsetting for me to sit and watch my daughter go through this, I had to be strong for both of us I just wanted a good cry myself. I could do with a big hug, Image sorry to moan I know you have all got your own problems but at the moment I seem to in a world of Anorexia and I feel I am living it with my daughter. I know she is in the best place and the staff are great with her, I can,t fault them Its going to be a long struggle especially for my daughter and the rest of the family who are all worried sick, but I know we will beat this.
Love from Anne John
Hi Anne, sending both you and your daughter mega (((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))))).

Karen x x
Sending you and your daughter some big ((((((( hugs )))))) xxxx
Oh Anne can't imagine that pain of watching your daughter suffer with this terrible disease. Sending a large hug your way and one for her too xxxxxx
big hugs to you and daughter hugs and kisses Image
Big hugs to you and all your family
Thanks to everyone for replying to my message, I am sorry for the late reply, but I seem to be out most of the time now, you now what it,s like. If I am not on the bus I am at the hospital, my day just goes. My daughter is a lot calmer now although the progress is very slow. I have seen so much that goes on at the unit, the staff are marvelous and deserve a medal for what they have to put up with. I will update you all again. Thanks for all your support.
Anne John xxx
Hi Anne, thank you for the update on your daughter. I'm sure you must be feeling so tired with all the travelling. It's good to hear from you that progress is being made by your daughter, is she still cross stitching, if so how is the project coming along?
Take care, (((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))) K. x x
Thank you for the update Anne and make sure you find some time for you (((((((((((((hug)))))))))