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Housebound Mum in a different town - Carers UK Forum

Housebound Mum in a different town

Tell us a bit about yourself here.
Hello, I am new to the forum and don't know how much to write! I would greatly appreciate any thoughts about caring for my housebound, partially sighted Mum, who has been widowed for three years and lives alone in Doncaster.
My job is in London and I travel up on most of my days off. I have one sister who lives nearer, a 20 minute drive away, but I never know when she's going to visit, or if she and my Mum will get on when they see each other.
My Mum can potter about the house but her sight is worsening. She can't leave the house under her own steam.
I'm so touched and amazed at what I've seen people on this forum doing for others.
You are inspiring.
Hi Kryssy,

Welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about the difficult situation. I hope you find some support here.

Hi Kryssy,

Welcome to the forum.

If you look at the menu, left hand side,on this link, you will find lots of information. Work your way through and just holler if any questions.

This one re carers assessmentsexplains some of the options too.

Carers UK have a helpline too....

which is staffed by experts and has many years experience of dealing with the problems carers face. We provide free and confidential information and advice on:

•benefits and tax credits
•carers employment rights
•carers assessments
•the services available for carers, and how to complain effectively and challenge decisions.
Our freephone number is 0808 808 7777 and we are open on Wednesday and Thursday 10am -12pm and 2pm - 4pm.

Hello Kryssy and welcome to the forum Image
hi dear a big warm welcome to a great forum we all do our best and you are encouraging as well as u are concered about mom that you even take your days out to travel to her to tend to her needs , thats inspiring so dear enjoy the forum coffeex
Hi Kryssy and welcome to the forum.

I found it difficult enough caring for my Mum from just a couple of miles away ! It must be really hard for you given the greater distance between you. I eventually had to move in with mine after she came out of hospital last year following a fall and a worsening of her Alzheimer's. It has benefits and drawbacks Image

Have you looked into setting up a care package for her ? You can arrange for care assistants to come in daily to check on your Mum; they can help her up in the morning and help her get washed and dressed, see to meds and make sure she is eating properly.

If she can't get out then you could also arrange for her shopping to be delivered (Tescos, Sainsburys etc) on a regular basis.
Hi Kryssy and welcome Image
Hello Kryssy and welcome to the forum...it must be worrying for you being so far from your mother - I remember what it was like for us until I moved my mother near us. (although I'm beginning to wish I'd left her where she was lol)
I think that Susie has given some good advice there....another thought is, has she any good neighbours who will look in to make sure she's ok?
Good luck with finding some solution to the problem and if there's any other worries or questions, just yell - I'm sure someone will be along with some answers Image
Hello and welcome Image
Hi and welcome.